Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Women

Your Questions About Women Halloween Costume Ideas Easy
February 17, 2012
Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Women Make
February 25, 2012
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Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Women

Carol asks…

what is a good sexy homemade halloween costume for women?

Halloween costume lion answers:

A hooker. LOL

Steven asks…

Halloween costumes to make at home? spookathon or spencer s?

spencer s
halloween costumes for college students
spookathon, homemade halloween costumes
easy halloween costumes for women
Comment it Down!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Ice cream candy costume is a good one try to make it at home. For more ideas you can visit to

Mark asks…

~ HALLOWEEN costumees =] ~?

So I want to make a costume at home. I want it to be sexy. I can buy stuff, but not a full costumes (for ex I am considering nurse as a white satiny dress, and i have a stethoscope, so i can use that and buy some accessories – but I don’t wanna buy an entire costume). I like to be original=]
so my question is basically- give me a description of a homemade costume.

So here’s some things I like…
pirate or pirate princess
super person (super-girl, bat woman, etc)
fire woman
Egyptian princess/Cleopatra

You can think of some too, I just brainstormed.

Thank youu =)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Indian Princess. Just to add one. A short tan or white dress. All you would have to do is add beads and feathers.

I have to say my favorite idea is Cleopatra, though. Or a Pirate.

James asks…

homemade body shaper?

i used to be very skinny, with a flat stomache
not anymore lol my halloween costume requires me to tuck my shirt in and when i do i feel like a cow.

i wrapped my stomach in plastic wrap and it worked for a while until i started moving around then it began to roll up

i dont have money to go out and by a body slimmer/shaper like a kymaro
so what are alternatives?

i hear women tape there boobs, would it work if i tapped my stomach then throw a tank over?

Halloween costume lion answers:


Lisa asks…

What are the best anitipirsperants to stop Hyperhidrosis?

Im 13, lately at the end of last year, i have noticed that my underarms were sweating really really badly. I looked all over the internet and found out its called Hyperhidrosis. No matter where i go, im always sweating. i get soo emberrased about it that i always wear a jacket ( in the winter) Well, i told my mom, and at first she thought i was over-exadgerating untill i whent to my BFF`s Halloween party. I put on my costume ( regular shirt with pants, homemade vampire costume) and i noticed that i was sweating clear out to the end of the sleve and it was very noticable. Ever since then ive been having THAT BAD of hyperhidrosis problems. Whats worst is that I think out of all the people in my grade, I am the only girl who has this problem. So far, ive tried Degree(women) Clinical protection (specially for hyperhidrosis) and Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof. They slightly work. But I still sweat alot. From what i`ve read on the internet, below are the top antiperspirants to stop hyperhidrosis.
Certain Dri
and Mitchum
If you know of one, Please tell me where you can buy it. Can you buy it at Walmart or any common store?
Please help. Im really getting so embarassed at this. Im not going to a docor, or geting surgery or botox. p.s im a girl

Halloween costume lion answers:

Let me give you a few facts about your condition:
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is relatively common and sometimes affects only one side of the body.
The sweat glands are innervated by sympathetic nerve fibres.

Aluminium based antiperspirants work quite well but need to be applied a few times a day for very heavy perspirers.

Botox to the area works very well and usually there is no pain as the needle is very fine. They usually use insulin sized needles which are only slightly thicker than a coarse human hair.

Operations to cut the nerves are slightly more tricky but are definitely also useful in certain individuals. The surgeon has to cut nerves within the chest and so you would need to be put to sleep for this.

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