Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids

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January 21, 2012
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Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids

Thomas asks…

what is the best homemade halloween costume you have made for your kids?

I would like to make a little devil costume for my son 1 yr old any helpful ideas

Halloween costume lion answers:

I sewed green ballons on a pillow case, painted my daughters face brown and she went as grapes. When my son was young I took a large brown turtleneck, and sewed football markings on it. I also made Goku and Piccalo costumes one year for my daughter and son. You can start with a red shirt and pants (sweat suit style) and then make a cape and horns.

George asks…

Homemade Halloween costume, can you tell what I am?

I’m broke after buying costumes for my kids lol, so I made this costume out of a red shirt ,white paint, markers and cardboard lol. I am supposed to be minnie mouse. Can you tell? I don’t want to look like a dork! lol Thanks guys

Halloween costume lion answers:

answer mine?

Nancy asks…

Best homemade halloween costume?

I need inspiration. Also, I don’t sew (well, I made a gym bag in middle school… ha.

I’m a writer halloweencostumesfor-women-maid-nurse-school-girl-more), so if you can give me real answers that would be wonderful.

I really have liked costumes made out of boxes (for parties, not sure I’d go out in the rain in a box costume. Also, if you want to help me brainstorm sexy costumes, I’m in the midst of writing a series. I’ve been writing about kids back to school fashion and I needed to change the pace before I started screaming. Writing about costumes is a break. When I really need a break I write about baby names, but that’s when I’m really needing a break.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Me and a friend of mine got together some cheap suits, shoes and hats. Then we spray painted them gold and wore golden gloves and put on golden face makeup. Then we went as living statues and after ringing a doorbell simply froze until they closed the door again.

James asks…

My 3 1/2 y.o. girl wants to be a “baby fish” for Halloween. Any ideas for a homemade costume?

I have searched for costumes on-line and so far have found only cheesey Nemo comstumes, that are overpriced and not much else. I would like to try and put something together with clothes and/or fabric. Maybe someday, with a little luck and help, I will be the mom who makes cool costumes for her kids.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Well you could put a bright or sparkly leotard on her and some bright colored leggings or sweat pants. Then take strips of bright colored fabric and pin them to the waist of her pants or leggings but only on the back half of her. Then put her hair in a bun and paint her face with scales and wa la instant fish.

Also if that doesn’t work for you when i was little i went as I puppy wearing white sweatpants and a white sweat shirt and my mom pinned brown patches of felt on me then she painted a black spot around my eye, and my nose black. Lastly, she put puppy ears on me.

I was also greatly loved when I went as a cookie.

I wore black sweat pants and A black sweat shirt. Then my mom cut two circles of cardboard(both the same size) out of a flattened carboard box. She drew black chocolate chips on the cardboard with a magic marker. Then she cut a bite mark pattern out of the corner of each circle. Then she attached both of the pieces of cardboard with 2 pieces of yarn so that it could be slung over my shoulders and have a circle on my front and my back. She finished it off with a Got Milk? On the back of the cookie and put white face paint over my lip. It was loved greatly!

Hope that helped!
Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

HOMEMADE halloween costume for 13 yr old?


Halloween costume lion answers:

60s Hippie:
–straight hair
–head wear was often a head band (especially ones that have fabric hanging from them) or a scarf used to tie a pony tail
–eye make up was often either powder blue or green
–pale pink blush
–pale pink lipstick
–mini skirt – especially in vinyl (people were against wearing leather or other animal fabrics but did wear animal prints)
–vest with fringe
–blouse with very busy print – especially paisley or flowers
–smiley face or peace sign necklaces on rope
–sandals or wooden flip flops or knee high white boots
–nude nylons or no nylons

Hillbilly: overalls, flannel shirt, cowboy boots, fake teeth where some are missing or rotted (if you don’t want to spend the money on the fake teeth, just blacken them out with black eyeliner pencil), put lipstick OUTside your lips, freckles, straw hat (the more shredded it is, the better), roll up the overalls to just below knee length and have one side of the top part (straps) hanging down, add a plaid patch to the knee and/or elbows, carry a plunger or fly swatter

Twister Game: Wear white, cut out different colored circles out of solid fabric from old clothes/rags (or buy felt at the local craft or fabric store, it’s cheap), stitch (or safety pin) the circles onto your clothes, make one of the circles the spinner (remember to cut a spinner arrow shape and tack it to the center of that circle). Just remember to tell people NOT to put their hand on any circles above the knees!

Spider Web: Get a package of fake spider webs (regular or glow version) and cover yourself in them, then add fake spiders (they usually come with at least 2 or 3 but you can add more if you like).

Grim Reaper on Vacation: Black cape (if you have one from a prior Halloween or an borrow one), plastic scythe/sickle, skeleton or white mask (like from Scream/Scary Movie), but then wear a flowered lei necklace, a camera around your neck, Bermuda shorts, paint your nose white (like beach goers).

Killer Bee: Buy a bee costume. Smear some fake blood on it and carry a fake weapon.

Grapes: bunch of purple (or green) balloons over a fleshtone bodysuit.

My kids think dead anything is cool.
E.g. Dead school girl: wear school uniform (if you have one), paint face white with black around eyes and red drooling out of your mouth.

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