Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Girls

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December 27, 2011
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Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Girls

George asks…

I need to make my girls homemade costumes for Halloween. Any ideas?

I have no money until next week, can’t afford to buy them. Any suggestions for girls ages 2 and 6 months?
thanks for all of your ideas, they were really helpful

Halloween costume lion answers:

Fairies… Take some pink clothes you COULD buy some antennas in the colour of pink and wings…. Them you could give up :)

Donna asks…

Teen homemade halloween costumes? (for girls)?

does anyone have any ideas for a Halloween costume for a teenage girl. i cant think of any good enough. help!

Halloween costume lion answers:

A Fanta Girl!!!!

William asks…

Homemade halloween costume for teen girls?

I have a party to go to today and i need a halloween costume thats creative and not many people have done im 13 so nothing to kidish! thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Me and my besties are going as people from Hairspray. Im Penny(: and Im also 13. Maybe you could be Lady Gaga or something cool like that
EDIT: if you do wanna be lada gaga< i could post directions to make her costume homeade

Nancy asks…

Homemade costumes for for Halloween two 13 year old girls?

My friend and I want to make costumes (that are easy to make.) We are going to the mall tomorrow and we don’t know what to be… We are getting supplies…. What are some costumes we could do? Thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Clowns, witches, fairies, angels, princess , ghosts. All of these are easy to make and don’t cost a lot of money.

Chris asks…

Homemade halloween costume ideas? For teen girls?

I’m 13, and I want to be something unique for halloween, but I can’t think of any good ideas? I enjoy being creative, so I’d like to make my costume this year. Thanks :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Dead cheerleader or Prom Queen. Go to the thrift store and put together a cheerleader outfit or get a prom looking dress to poor fake blood all over. Then put fake blood on yourself, make yourself look dead with blackened eyes and/or whitened face. If you were to do the prom queen look for a sash and crown. Make sure to make the sash bloody. ;)

Just an idea. Probably not the most unique but I don’t see too many people doing those.

Charles asks…

What are some unique, homemade, and cheap halloween costumes for a teenage girl?

I know I am a little early on asking but i just want I to ready to make it if it takes a while to make

Halloween costume lion answers:


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