Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Babies

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November 24, 2011
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Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Babies

David asks…

Homemade Halloween costume for baby?

My son is 6 mo. old and all of the costumes I have found in stores that would fit him are made from thick, hot material. Also, alot of them are just made like gowns at the bottom. He likes to move alot. Any ideas for a homemade costume? Links would be fine.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Use a thin long sleeved adult sized black shirt (or sweatshirt if where you are is cold) go to the craft store and get some white felt, cut a half oval and glue it on to the front, then get a little black hat with a bill and glue googlie eyes onto it (above the bill) and then get orange socks, slippers or shoes

You will have yourself a darling little penguin!

Maria asks…

Homemade Halloween Costume for baby?

My son is almost 7 months old. Last month we bought him a cow costume to wear for halloween. The dilemma is that it is a long sleeve onesie, felt material. HOT. too hot for the 80 degree weather we are expecting here in florida on friday. I have been to several stores in search of a proper replacement, but everything is either picked over or again, too hot to wear. I am thinking i might just end up making something for him here at home. My sewing skills are limited and my budget is pretty tight as well. Any suggestions?

Halloween costume lion answers:

I can’t sew at all either. I just made my son a pirate custume that I got from this website. They have a lot of really easy homemade suggestions.


I hope this helps!

George asks…

Any ideas for a homemade Halloween costume for my 21 month old daughter?

My daughter was a baby elephant last year. This year I want to make something but I don’t have much time left until Halloween. She will be 2 next month and has bright red hair. I wanted to do something to incorporate her red hair into but I also have really thought about making a Michael Jackson costume. If you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks.

Halloween costume lion answers:

As soon as I heard red hair Annie the orphan popped in to my head. A simple red dress with a white collar and belt. Here’s a annie costume i found on google:

Just like that

Mary asks…

homemade halloween costume ideas for a 16 month old baby?

good morning everyone, i need a costume idea for my baby, he will be 16 months old, but it has to be cheap, we are going to our church’s fall harvest festival party, where they judge the costumes, but they ask you spend under 10 dollars on them. so people who don’t have much money to spend on a costume aren’t up against 100 dollar costumes

so i need ideas for homemade, cheap costumes. thank you so much.
if it matters, my husband is going to be a woman, blonde curly wig, purple long dress with a wrap or gold formal dress, not sure how the gold will look with the blonde wig, hose, heels, the whole nine, he’s been practicing walking in heels for a couple of weeks, he’s getting pretty good. lol,

and i’m going as a man, in a tux, my hair tucked under a man’s hair wig.

and i’m going
i was thinking of doing a play on the baby theme, like wings to make him a fairy, or a bow and arrow and wings and a red diaper so he’s cupid, or something like that. thanks

Halloween costume lion answers:

Do one of those half man/half woman costumes. Go to the thrift store and try to get clothing to match as close as to what y’all are wearing in color as possible, cut the dress and suit in half, stitch halves together, do the hair and make up half and half, and viola a costume that goes with mom and dad’s outfits.

Steven asks…

Is there a site where they show you how to make your own costumes?

like is there a homemade costume i could make that i can carry my baby doll in for halloween or something? or is there a site that shows you how to make homemade costumes?

Halloween costume lion answers:


Mandy asks…

Halloween costume help?

so i need help with a good halloween costume…
it has to be funny but impressive.
like one year i was a babysitter and i duct taped a fake baby to my butt
im not just looking for homemade costumes i could even go for something in stores that is awesome.
NOO SUPERHEROS i hate super hero costumes so any good ideas??

Halloween costume lion answers:

Be gum on the bottom of a shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it last year, it was HILARIOUS! Get a hot pink jumpsuit, or hot pink jeans and a hot pink shirt and wear that, then paint the rest of your body and face bright pink and wear bright pink shoes. Get a big pink trucker hat, then make a HUGE cardboard cut out of a shoe! It will be amazing and people won’t be able to stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could even get a bright pink wig or temporarily dye it hot pink!

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