Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Adults

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March 5, 2012
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March 16, 2012
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Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Adults

George asks…

Any good ideas for a cheap homemade adult halloween costume?

Nothing provactative please.

Halloween costume lion answers:
Search “Halloween Costumes”
SO many great ideas for cheap!

Donna asks…

Does anyone have any ideas for a homemade Halloween costume for an adult?

I want to make a homemade Halloween costume this year. Does anyone have any ideas? THanks

Halloween costume lion answers:

Take a box big enough to cut a hole in the top for your head and holes in the sides to stick your arms out. Cover it with either birthday or Christmas wrapping paper and stick a bow on your head (or in your hair if you’re a girl) to be a gift.

Wear all brown and attach purple balloons with safety pins (by the ties) to yourself to be a bunch of grapes. Some ideas anyway, have fun!

Chris asks…

anyone have a good idea for an adult homemade halloween costume in a hurry?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Wear all pink…
And tie/glue/tape/connect to a hat a shoe and when people ask what you are you say “I’m the gum under your shoe.”

That’s very cute lol.

Sandra asks…

Need great homemade Halloween costume for female adult?

I am usually pretty crafty but can’t think of a great costume to make myself for a Halloween Party in a few weeks! Would love both single or couple ideas!

Halloween costume lion answers:

A fork and spoon/ salt and pepper shaker? Haha kidding kidding although that would be cute to see ^^ possibly the phantom of the opera and christine? You could get a dress from the salvation army and modify it, add some dacorations or whatever. If he has a suit all he would need is a mask which you could make out of clay or plaster of paris.

Nancy asks…

I need a homemade inexpensive Halloween costume?

I need a homemade inexpensive Halloween costume for adult female that is easy to sit it.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Look in your closets and old boxes. What do you already own that you could turn into a costume?

Chinese pajamas,
grass skirt from Hawaii,
Hawaiian shirt,
karate do,
peasant dress…
Tennis dress

Basically, wear whatever you have that looks a little out of the ordinary, and play that up with accessories. This article is about making kids’ costumes this way, but it can apply to adult costumes, too.

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