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September 27, 2012
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September 27, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup

Sandra asks…

Halloween Makeup…?

I realize it’s a bit early to be thinking about Halloween, but if I wanted to make the complete area under my eyes black, what type of makeup would I use? Has anyone done this before?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Use eye black. It looks a lot like a black lipstick, and can be found in sport stores, or the sporting goods secton at wal mart. Cover it with black/dark colored eyeshadow…..also try black eyeliner…..

Lisa asks…

Halloween makeup!!!?

well halloween is pretty close adn i got everyhting in mind except the makeup. i was wondering if any of u who is expierianced in anyway with halloween makeup or just makeup in general no where i can find good halloween makeup that doesn’t cost a fourtune. There is a video of what i want to look like on halloween…i warn ya the chick looks vamp scary at the end. Thank you : )

and if u have any tips or steps of how that guy did this halloween makeup above , plz do share

Halloween costume lion answers:

they seriously have everything. If you want a good vampire, when you go to the site click on prostetics, and search for the vampires. I worked at fright fest at six flags and did acting and makeup there.

William asks…

halloween makeup?

how can i spice up my regulary makeup for halloween give me some ideas

Halloween costume lion answers:

I like using glitter eyeshadow by bare escentuals. It goes on pretty easy and lasts all night and its EXTRA sparkley!

David asks…

How do you store uncovered Halloween makeup sets without them drying out?

I bought a giant Halloween makeup set, but I have no idea how to store it. I can’t just leave it out because it will dry up. For some reason it didn’t come with any sort of lid or cover. Do you think it would be alright to just put it in a ziplock or try to put it in another container?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Ziplock baggie or saran wrap.

Betty asks…

what can I do about an allergic reaction to halloween makeup?

My wife woke up yesterday morning with severely puffy eyes and face. Instead of washing off the halloween makeup when she got home, she went to sleep with it on and it seems that she had an allergic reaction. She took benadryl and claritin yesterday and nothing has helped. Are there any home remedies out there that anyone can suggest to help subside an allergic reaction to something? Any help would be appreciated! Thx.
Please only send useful answers. “Don’t put makeup on in the first place” is not exactly relevant at this point in time.

Halloween costume lion answers:

I think It would be a good idea to call her doctor and tell him/her, it would be nice to get their opion on the matter. Do you still have the box for the holloween makeup, you might want to check whats in the makeup. Holloween makeup is usually really cheap and bad. Good luck :)

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