Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Videos

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August 29, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Videos

Ken asks…

How to do black and white makeup for Halloween?

It hit me this morning what I wanted to be for Halloween. Or at least the general idea, but the makeup would be black and white, like photography. Does anybody have any tips or videos on how to do that?

Halloween costume lion answers:


I would use liquid latex for the black and white halloween makeup. It stays on better than the average halloween makeup and looks more realistic. Check out liquid latex and how to use it here:

Robert asks…

Halloween makeup for a cute but zombie/dead Barbie look?

I’m going as a dead/zombie Barbie and I’m trying to figure out how I should do my makeup.

Suggestions, or youtube videos would be great [: I do want to look dead/zombified since it’s Halloween! In..a month.

Halloween costume lion answers:


hope I helped :D

Lisa asks…

Where can I find MAC makeup Halloween looks?

Last week or so I got an email portraying MAC makeup artists creating awesome looks for Halloween. It was a link to a video. I might have read it in Twitter. Does anyone know where I can find that?

Halloween costume lion answers:


thats macs official site…maybe look there((:


Michael asks…

Looking for website – video applying Zombie Halloween makeup. Any ideas? Don’t say YOUTUBE.COM.?


I only said that, because anytime I ask a question like this on here, people will point you to the most obvious , find-it-in-three-seconds-on- G oo gle answer.

Anyway, I’d like to be able to apply Zombie makeup (on myself) for Halloween. Anyone know where I can find out about technique, supplies, etc.? Video would help, but I’m not too optimistic.


PS I chose this catagory because no one will answer in the ‘Holidays’ section. Close enough.
M1ndless spends a lot of time watchin old men suck each other off.

Halloween costume lion answers:

A home recipe go to the ladies cosmetics part of the grocery store. Get some of the facial mask stuff for cleaning skin
i forget its name but its the stuff you put it on all gooey , let it dry then peel it off. The aloe vera stuff is usually a nice shade of green. Practice on a hand before trying your face.

Anyway put your makeup on then the facial stuff
(dont put too near eyes etc.) when the stuff is dry
partially peel small patches so it just hangs like dead skin from your face. You may then dust all with flour or talcum powder
(dont breath & keep eyes closed when dusting)
you may need to retouch the makeup under a peeled spot

Lizzie asks…

Halloween Makeup help please?

This is for the school play which is on halloween. the play is set in the 1940s and im a party guest in the costume party scene. im gonna b a princess in a purple dress and a crown. so idk what to do for the makeup. i 100% need it cause a princess wears makeup and cause the spot light thing is white and will make me look too pale. Thanks! also can you check out this makeup video? I’m still a beginner at this:)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Lipstick: maybe a rose pink or dark pink

eyeshadow: a lot of purple or pink eyeshadow

eyeliner: maybe brown or black

mascara: really heavy, try using lashblast

blush: pink, pink, pink!! Hope this helps

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