Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Robert asks…

Halloween makeup tutorial requests?

Hey everyone,

I’m a makeup guru on youtube and I was wondering something. I am starting to make halloween tutorials and I want your suggestions on what tutorials you would like to see. I like to make pretty costumes and not scary costumes. So what tutorial would you like to see?


Halloween costume lion answers:

I think you should do a geisha and a ladybug. I really need help on what to do with my make-up for halloween!!! I’m going to be a Hershey’s chocolate bar and I don’t know what to do! Please help!


Chris asks…

Halloween makeup tutorial???!!!!!?

So I have a beauty guru channel on youtube and I really want to do a Halloween makeup tutorial but the problem is, I have no idea what to do a tutorial on! I mean I know it will be a halloween one, but I don’t know whether to do a whitch or a fairy or a vampire or a mermaid or just any halloween costume will work!!!!! Please I need ideas and try to be creative I’m not looking for a cat or a banana I want something really cool like an evil queen or enchantrace anything will help :) Don’t be afraid to leave a picture or a really discriptive answer too:):):) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Halloween costume lion answers:

I love the idea of a fairy or mermaid! Also any TV character or anything! I will def subscribe to your channel! What’s the link?

Ken asks…


This isnt really a question but if people want
halloween makeup ideas and things I REALLY
suggest this persons tutorials THEY ARE AMAZING


Halloween costume lion answers:

Those are all amazing.
My favourite is the dragon:)

Sandra asks…

halloween makeup tutorials that you want to see?

hello all =] i make youtube videos [purplepolkadots00] and i want to do some halloween tutorials, i am looking for some unique ideas on things that you would like to see your favorite gurus do but they haven’t! thank you so much!

Halloween costume lion answers:


Donald asks…

Homemade male halloween costume and makeup tutorial?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Here is a good idea. Get one of your old white shirts and shred a little(just a couple of cuts but still wearable) then get some of your wife’s(if you have one) brownish black makeup(or you can use dirt) to make the shirt look all dirty. Then just find a pair of your pants/shorts(that preferably have holes in them). Regular shoes will work fine. For make up, go to walmart and to the halloween aisle and get the halloween make up kit. Use black eye shadow(might not come in the halloween pack but could use your wife’s) and just put it all on and around your eyes. Then get like red lipstick to use as blood if you don’t like the way the fake blood looks. Then get the fake flesh and put it in random spots that are seen by the eye. You could then use the fake blood from the halloween makeup set, toilet paper, and Elmer’s glue to make fake gashes over your body.

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