Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Supplies

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August 21, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Supplies

David asks…

What Kind of Makeup supplies will I need to create this look?

I’m being Mrs. Lovett for Halloween. What kinds of makeup will I need to create the effect of hollow cheeks and eyes, pale white skin, and basically the half dead haven’t slept in weeks look? Here’s a picture of what I’m going for
Thanks! :D

Halloween costume lion answers:

Get a white Halloween face makeup and mix it with your normal foundation until you get just the right shade. Get a purplish blush and pucker and brush it into the hollows that form. Just the blush onto the sides of your upper nose, between the eys, and very lightly on your forhead.Use a dark purplish eye shaddow and be sure to blend plenty into the crease of your eyelid and up towards your brow bone.

Joseph asks…

special fx halloween makeup?

for halloween i want to dress as the ghost of marie antoinette. i’d love to look dead and as if my head has been severed and then crudely stitched back on (possibly with “x” shaped stitches along the wound)

can anyone give me any suggestions of what sort of makeup techniques or supplies i should use? i need advice for dead-looking face makeup as well as the severed and sewn neck.

also, if you can suggest any websites or books with tutorials or detailed fx information it would be very helpful too.

thank you and happy halloween!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Couple ways to go. You can buy a pre-fabricated latex rubber appliance, glue it to your neck with spirit gum adhesive, blend to your neck with makeup, and enhance with fake blood.

You could use liquid latex and toilet tissue to create a layer of skin, rip it open and enhance with fake blood.

For your face makeup, pale would be the goal so any foundation that is white or paler than your skin tone. Eyes should be darkened above and below with either brown or a deep blue/purple.

Daniel asks…

Require a license to apply Special FX makeup?

I have experience in the US working with a special FX company who supply makeup and prosthetics for Halloween & stage & film. I’m back in the UK and with their permission, was considering advertising my services as a makeup artist for Halloween. I would supply the product and do their makeup for them.
Do I require any special license to do this? It’d just be a part-time thing for the month, probably go to the customers house/office to apply it.

Halloween costume lion answers:

I do modeling for a living ond if its only for a month ur just having fun its not a business ur just tallented,have fun

Susan asks…

Halloween – Tiger Makeup/Facepaint? ?

Mkai me and my friends are being animals for so I’m being a tiger..and I was wondering how I should do my makeup/facepaint? and what supplies would I need? Pictures if you have them would be helpful!
And where would I be able to find tthese supplies?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Michaels, a craft store I visit, had this online as a guide to tiger face painting, along with a list of supplies. They have a few other animals too so if you don’t like the look of this tiger, you could work with some of the other ideas to make it look the way you want. :)

George asks…

Where can I get the following supplies?

Me and my friends are making a “SAW” spoof and we have evrything we need, except for:
-Jigsaw Mask
Halloween Makeups
-Lots of fake blood

We need it by next Saturday. Is there anywhere that I can go that is in the Niagara Region? The cheaper the better! Thanx in advance!

Halloween costume lion answers:

… Will it involve children?

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