Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Ideas

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August 22, 2012
Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Scars
August 23, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Ideas

Ken asks…

Halloween makeup ideas, boyfriend is going as a bee victim , so how do i make the stings look realistic?

any tips?

its kinda cute, because im the bee..
and he’s the victim!

so any ideas on how to make it look realistic

Halloween costume lion answers:

You can buy latex at the Halloween Store (like Spirit Halloween) to create welts. Then cover them with makeup, add blush to make them pink or add blue & grey eyeshadow for bruising and maybe a little fake blood.

Or you can make the welts at home using Karo corn syrup and corn starch. Add food color to make it pinkish and paint it on. Glop it on and let it dry. Or dip tissue paper in it, mold to his skin and let dry.

The idea’s a cute one!

Lisa asks…

Halloween makeup ideas, lots of answers please!?

Okay I am going to be an angel for the halloween dance and I cant think of how to put my makeup…I want mostly silver but if you think a different color would do then ok. I am wearing a white gown with see through sleeves, a white and silver halo, and feathery wings with silver sparkles on them. I want unique ideas for the make up and would love PICTURES with creative ideas. thanx! <3

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could try the ever popular, smokey eye:

Or, a more perfected approach:

Or, even creativity at its best!:

* don’t forget the fake eyelashes!

Donald asks…

Where can i find halloween makeup ideas?

I want to be a PRETTY or FUNKY fairy NOT dead or evil and no butterfly stuff and i want really cool eye makeup designs but i cant find any will you please help

Halloween costume lion answers:

Try the rainbow eyes look its very fairy like…


John asks…

Black and white halloween makeup ideas?

i am doing makeup for a haunted house for my drama club this weekend and i am having trouble thinking of ideas for this one room. Its called the photoroom and the makeup has to be black and white and it can be a few other colors but they have to look somewhat what dead and scary. I have to have 8 different ideas and i already have 2 which are a skeleton and a half face skeleton like the skin is being ripped off so any ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Black veil brides make up/ kiss make up
Guy in a ski mask
Old fashioned snobby guy
Thug/ thief

Chris asks…

Halloween costume/makeup ideas for TWO 7th grade girls?

so we dont want like a fancy costume or anything this year….but we dont want to be in casual clothes either, we want to at least have something cute…and its best if u can think of a costume that is made to MATCH each other

so what are some good ideas for us to wear for halloween that are cute, but not like elementary school, and WEATHER/TEMP apropirate? (it gets cold in the nite) like makeup, hair, and clothes/costume?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Harajuku girls!! Look up pics on google, that’d be so freakin cute:p

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