Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Effects

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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Effects

Michael asks…

Cheap halloween makeup effects?

I have a problem, I am helping with makeup for a haunted house and one of the actors are supposed to have half her face ripped off effect but she is allergic to liquid latex I heard of the toilet paper and liquid latex for a cheap way of doing it but can I make it even cheaper and not use the latex? is it possible to use maybe glue or some other substitute for liquid latex? Please someone help, I have also heard of people using cornflakes to make the skin disease effect is there any other ways to make these effects with stuff around the house?

Halloween costume lion answers:


I have had customers with this same issue. They used Spirit Gum to attached the various effects to their skin:

Mark asks…

Halloween makeup effects?

Ok so I am going to work at a haunted house and volunteered to be one of the makeup girls but I dont have a lot of money, can someone tell me how to make fake cuts, burns and such with things around my house? and I emphasize AROUND MY HOUSE. That would be a GREAT help I want to get these things ready before the Halloween season raises prices of the things I need. Is there any way to make homemade latex or anything? THANK YOU SO MUCH (If you give me Ideas)

Halloween costume lion answers:

First, I’m surprised they aren’t giving you an expense account or reimbursement for the makeup you purchase. Seems odd to me they would expect you to supply their business with no compensation.

Next, I would recommend pulling up makeup tutorials on YouTube. There are simply too many ways of doing effects makeup on the cheap, for example using paper towels and toilet tissue to create skin.

And no, spirit gum and latex cannot be made at home. But there are alternatives, which of course have their own problems. Again, I’d recommend looking the subject up on YouTube.

Lisa asks…

I have 50 dollars, and i need a cheap online special effects makeup, and halloween supplier. help ?

i want to be able to buy everything from one place and have it shipped in the same box for a low cost… all i have is 50 dollars, and i don’t want lame supplies.
i dont necessarily need a kit, just a website that i can get individual products, and have them shipped in the same box. sorta like amazon for halloween, and makeup supplies. thanks !!

Halloween costume lion answers:

If you want a QUALITY makeup kit under $50, it’s like asking for a 500 pound person to walk on water. It’s a tough bargain. I searched up results for you left and right and could only find kits at bargain price of $120 to $700 dollar kits. Although, I’ll continue to do what I can throughout the night to find you a deal.

Edit: I searched and searched and the only hope I can give you is this right here:

Carol asks…

How can I get this Halloween makeup effect?

I’m trying to figure out what I should be for Halloween. I was thinking of a terminator-type costume. Does anyone know how I could do this using commercial or Halloween make-up?
Here’s an example of what I’m trying to achieve:

Halloween costume lion answers:

1. They used prob blue makeup in the middle to make it look like its going thru her face to see the background

try party city i saw some great make up scvrathes and holes there that u can use or u can try sticky purple red lipstick and put that in the shape u want then place fake blood on it and make sure the lipstick is in lumps to make it look real and put some dark skin colors to make it look more realistic hope it helped

Sandra asks…

I want to go into the special effects makeup business and want to be involved now in my teens, suggestions?

Doing character’s makeup, making masks, molds, and slime is a dream for me! However, I have no experience but my own Halloween makeup. Are there things I can do or be involved in over the summer or during the school year to help enhance my ambition?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hi Elizabeth

The best thing you can do is get all the free resources you can and practice on anyone who is prepared to stand still. Don’t start by spending a lot of money on a course…put that towards some basic products and get practising. The world is full of expensive courses who will teach the techniques to a class of students who will then not actually invest their time in practice. Take photos of everything and make sure you get feedback from artists willing to give you advice.

Check out local theatres and any theatre companies or groups putting on amateur shows or plays as these are very good places to find keen models and people willing to try things out.

I work as a makeup effects artist in the UK and have a couple of websites with loads of tutorials which you may find useful:

Get familiar with the materials and techniques so you no longer need to think about how something is done, instead concentrating on what it is you are doing. Then you will be truly creative in a way that does not slow you down. Kind of like when you learn a new language…at first you are spending all you time trying to form words correctly. Until you can do that without thinking, you can’t have a fluid conversation. Once you got the grammar and the language down pat, then you start to have real conversation that use language.

I think get a book or check free sources on the net, buy some basic kit and start making people up. The more you do, the better you will get. Good books to check out include:

By Todd Debreceni
ISBN: 978-0240809960

By Graphic Sha
ISBN-13: 978-4766118339

By Vincent Kehoe
ISBN: 0-240-51244-8

By Richard Corson
ISBN: 0-13-840521-2

By Kevyn Aucoin
ISBN: 0-316-28705-9

By Kevyn Aucoin
ISBN: 1-85375-263-0

By Lee Baygan
ISBN: 0-8230-5261-3

by Make-up Designery
ISBN: 978-0974950006

Makeup artist magazines website is a good place to start as they have a link there on reputable schools. Click here:

Hope this helps.

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