Your Questions About Halloween Costumes Homemade

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March 31, 2012
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March 31, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes Homemade

Donald asks…

What are some quick and easy homemade Halloween costumes?

I am a teenager who doesnt have a costume yet. What could I be that doesn’t take too much effort?

Halloween costume lion answers:

As it is not sure whether you are a boy or a girl, but i can suggest a few themes which are homemade. And I am sure this will help you out.

If you are a boy:

and if you are a girl:

Joseph asks…

What are some easy, homemade halloween costumes? I want to be something that’s cheap and funny.?

I dont want to be anything that’s overused and it must be funny. Anyone got any ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Get a bunch of cereal boxes cut of the back and sides of the box, then stab the front of the box With a knife tape it to your clothes and be a cereal killer!


Donna asks…

What are some Tween and Teen Homemade Halloween Costumes?

This year, my friends and I want to dress up the same. They don’t want to buy, they want to make them. We don’t really have many ideas, we have 1 or 2. Nothing vulgar. (please)
We just thought of the following:
Bubmlebee (I am the only girly girl, so I probably would be Queen Bee)
Lady Bug
My friends are very creative, so..

Halloween costume lion answers:

A few simple costumes that can be made are hobo costumes (tear up some old clothes), zombie costumes (like the hobo, but add fake blood, then make yourself look ghoulish with makeup, there are some tutorials online), and costume can be made into a vampire with just the addition of fangs, if you acquire fake mustaches you can all go as hillbillies by dressing in plaid then adding the fake facial hair, Or you could all find white dresses (thrift stores are great for these) and go as brides, fake blood and pale makeup can make you look like ghosts.

Ken asks…

Homemade Halloween Costumes for a 16 year old girl?

Okay I *thought* I had a pile of costumes in our attic… turns out i was wrong.
i was asked to a party for this friday night but now that i have no costume i have NO idea what im going as! help? i dont care for the “dead prom” thing soo… yeah. help? (:

Halloween costume lion answers:

Sexy Cheerleader, Nurse, Witch, Devil, Alice, Angel, Cowgirl. Any of those would work. Or just wear a bunny costume. Or if you wanna be unique dress up as a frog like a legit frog that would be pretty sweet. Or even better yet if you don’t wanna put a lot of effort into making a costume, you could throw a sheet over yourself and call it a “ghost.”

Linda asks…

Halloween Costumes???!!!?

hey guys, i NEED to come up with a homemade halloween costume fast!!pleasse help!!:)

Halloween costume lion answers:

dead school girl
dead zombie bride

dead school boy
dead zombie groom

basicly anything dead is a good idea

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