Your Questions About Halloween Costumes Homemade Last Minute

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May 6, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes Homemade Last Minute

Daniel asks…

Last minute/homemade/really awesome or clever Halloween costumes?

it’s almost Halloween and I have no idea what to be!!!
I want something different or something really smart-a** :P
Its probably gonna be home made too…

I kinda realllyyyyy want to be frank-n-furter but idk how to go about making that costume :P

anyone got any ideas ?! :)
btw, I’m a 16 year old girl :P

Halloween costume lion answers:

Be an old lady with a hot body

John asks…

What are some last minute halloween costumes?

Something i don’t have to order, because I don’t have time. Something that i can pick up at a Walmart. Something cheap! Or something that i can make homemade. By the way, i’m a 12 yr old grl.

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could be a smarty pants!! Wear glasses with thick black frames, and get some smarties and glue a lot of them to your whole outfit!!

James asks…

Last minute homemade costumes.?

I want to have a good costume but it’s last minute and no more money. So I need an idea for hallOween. Help me? Please. I’m 15 and I’m a girl and my dad is kind of strict. So I need something revealing but not too revealing.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Plad skirt “u can find em cheap” a tank top, and one of dads ties .. Knee high socks and sneakers… Pig tails … And boom school girl for like $15 ,..?

Donna asks…

Last minute halloween help?!?

Okay so i was playing to be little red riding hood and I’ve almost got my whole costume figured out except for the cape. I cant find any at the store any more cause its the day before halloween and anyways, the store bought costumes are so skimpy. I need to know how to make my cape! I cant find anything too helpful on the internet and neither my mom nor I are excellent sewers. If you dont know how to make a cape, then maybe an easy homemade halloween costume? I want it to be creative so no witches or vampires or anything. I was thinking of being a crayon but I’ll be guilty inside because my friend is being a crayon and I dont want to copy. Anything? Please answer before tomorrow cuz tomorrows halloween.
Natalia, You really saved me! I dont know how to choose you as best answer, but I will try to figure it out.
Thanks soo much!!!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Pajama Girl! That’s what I’m doing because I’m only doing it for the candy anyway. You will need:
Pajamas- You can’t be pajama girl without them! If it’s going to be cold than long sleeve ones. You can wear a thin shirt under that if it gets cold.
A robe (optional) – Just to pizzas! Lol I heard that you can wear a sweater between the robe and pajamas, if it gets cold.
Teddy bear (optional) – To add pizzas too!
Sleeping mask (optional) – To add pizzas too. It makes it obvious are going to sleep!
Slippers, uggs, or some other shoes that look like slippers
Pillow case- A place to put your candy while trick or treating!
The color you are wearing hair spray (optional)-I prefer pink, so you can look girly.
Eyeliner (optional) – To do the freckles so you can look so innocent!
Pigtails- So you can look cute. You can make the pig tales messy so it looks like you got right out of bed! If you don’t want pigtail, a good idea for you to do hair rollers, since some people put those on before bed.
Bluish purplish eye shadow (optional) – Put it on under your eyes so you will look tired. Put barely any on, though and don’t put too much. Or it’s going to look like you have a black eye! :-)
I’m creative! :-)

Lizzie asks…

Last minute Halloween costume for a 15-year old guy?

I’m going to a party later with my girlfriend and I don’t have a Halloween costume. I was thinking of being a vampire with a white button down, black dress pants, and going out to buy some fake blood and vampire teeth.

Any other ideas, preferably homemade?? Thanks

Halloween costume lion answers:

The vampire idea sounds cool. When you go out to buy the teeth and fake blood you should look for a cape, too. If your gf likes the twilight saga she’d die of happiness if you went as Edward Cullen (if she’s team edward, idk) haha.

Be a ninja: wear all black with gloves and nunchucks (optional). You can learn how to make a ninja mask quickly and easily here:

You could also go as charlie brown (yellow shirt with zig-zag felt glued on it), a chick magnet (cut out a large magnet out of cardboard and paint it to look like a magnet, then put it around your neck and attach rubber ducks to it, or barbies to be a ‘babe magnet’) or a mummy.

Happy Halloween!

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