Your Questions About Halloween Costumes Homemade Ideas Funny

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June 21, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes Homemade Ideas Funny

James asks…

funny homade halloween costume ideas?

Me and my friend need a funny Halloween costumes that work with two people, we would also like them to be able to be homemade and cost under 10$ in supplies some things we’ve done in the past are clorox and the other leading brand ketchup and mustard, ect…

Halloween costume lion answers:

With cardboard boxes and such, you can be vending machines! Lol
Peanut butter and jelly.
A cookie and milk lol
Just think of things that go together, and see if you can make a cheap costume from it lol.

Sharon asks…

any funny homemade costumes?

ummm i dont have any ideas of what to wear in halloween i want it to be homemade and funny but i just dont know any ideas???????? thankxx

Halloween costume lion answers:

Make suit out of a large white trash bag by cutting holes for legs and arms, tape or glue white pieces of paper and balled up trash bags on the one you are wearing = white trash.

John asks…

Halloween costume ideas for 2 16 year old girls? ?

Okay, so me & my friend are planning on dressing up for halloween together. We have no idea what to be though! We would like it to be simple but cute, easy & homemade. & funny? Please help! (:

Halloween costume lion answers:

Smear chocolate on your faces and go as the chicks from 2 girls 1 cup.

Ken asks…

What are some good halloween costumes.?

My friend and I are going out for halloween this year, we are 13 and would love some ideas. We want something really funny but girly and not too scary. It can be homemade or store bought. Also we dont want something that is cheesy, like frankenstein and igor or thing 1 or thing 2. Andy ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Halloween costume lion answers:

Ladybug costume!

Ruth asks…

Teen Girl Halloween Costume?!?

I would like to have a cute, funny teen girl costume. I dont want a real ‘branded’ costume, like, a hot dog, or a pirate or something like that. NO FAIRIES or anything like that. What I’m looking for is something like a Nerd, where it can be homemade but its not like totally noticeable that its homemade. (sorry I’m very picky.) The only ideas i can come up with so far is like a Glow Person, A nerd, and a Robber. (i would wear black nikes, a black tshirt, black high socks & either black and white checkerboard vans or black converse and like a black beanie. i would prob use a pillowcase as a bag and put a money sign on it. lol idk) but those are just ideas!! i am going to go with one other person but we don’t want completely identical costumes just alike. like the nerds because we wouldn’t wear the exact same thing it would be a little different. thanks!!!!!!!:) if u have a question leave it and i will answer it kkk thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Here are a bunch of cheap homemade Halloween costume ideas I have written up
for Yahoo! Over the years. The links tell you what all you need, where to get it and
how to put the costumes together. You have most of the stuff already.
Have fun!

Short Girl Costumes that Are Original and Not Skanky

Easiest Costume Ever: Priest Movie 2011

Cheap, Easy, and Fun Costumes Using Stuff in Your Closet!
Says it’s for kids, but anyone can use these ideas.

Celtic Halloween Costume: Woad from ‘King Arthur’ Using Blue Hair Paint

‘V’ Style Space Alien Who Gets Their “Human” Costume Wrong

Crazy Cat Lady Costume – and Tips for Making it Cute

‘Legally Blonde’ Halloween Costume

No Fangs on ‘Twilight’ Vampires!
How to Put Together a ‘Twilight’ Vampire Costume
The next movie comes out November 18, so the trailer will be on TV a lot just before
Halloween, so everyone will know what you are supposed to be!

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