Your Questions About Halloween Costumes Homemade Good

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March 30, 2012
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March 31, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes Homemade Good

Mandy asks…

Is This A Good Homemade Halloween Costume? Please Help!?

I Was Invited To A Costume Party And My Mom Thought Of This Idea. She Said To Be A Dead Prom Queen, With Fake Blood And Bruises. I thought It Was A Good Idea Too, So I Texted My Friend And She Didn’t Respond. Is This A Good Costume Idea?
Please Comment BEFORE October 28th, 2011!! Thanks To All Who Respond!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Sounds good! Wear a tiara as well – but to the side abit with big hair and curly!

Richard asks…

what is a good homemade Halloween costume?

i am 13 year old girl. and i need help please!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Lola!! From Hanna Montana she never maches when shes Lola so just put on some cute closes That dont Cinda mach ( like a shirt over a pair of pants) and a crazy wig ( like a wite and black or red and black deping on what your wereing

Thomas asks…

what is a good homemade halloween costume?

Halloween costume lion answers:

What about putting a opening in a laundry basket, putting rope for suspenders, and wearing the laundry basket. Fill it with empty bleach bottle, empty fabric softener sheet box, and other laundry. Pin some socks to your shirt, along with other items (careful- NO underwear of any sort!!!). You’re going as… Dirty laundry.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

Paul asks…

whats a good homemade halloween costume thats easy to make??

I want to make an easy costume thats really cool and REALLY cheap!!! If you have ANY ideas let me kno!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go as a beauty queen. Get a nice fancy dress that’s on sale or something and get a tiara and do your hair all curly and put on loads of makeup. Carry a bouquet of flowers around with you too :-)

Susan asks…

What is a good homemade teen boy halloween costume?

I need an idea soon have a party tonight!!!!!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Be a mummy you only need is toilet paper and thats all :D

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