Your Questions About Halloween Costumes Homemade Creative

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March 31, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes Homemade Creative

James asks…

What are some good/creative Halloween costumes for a tween?

I don’t want like princesses, witches, devils, any of that kind of stuff. Preferably a homemade costume.Thanks

Halloween costume lion answers:

A ceral killer tap boxes of ceral two you with knife in it.

Maria asks…

I need a really creative Halloween costume for age 10 by tommorrow!?

tomorrow there is a costume contest at my school and i need to win what is a REALLY super creative Halloween costume that is homemade it needs to be like balloons as a costume or something but i cant cause last year a girl won with that!!!!!!!!!???

Halloween costume lion answers:

Halloween is one of the best times of the year so try something like this:


Linda asks…

Need Ideas for a Creative, Easy Homemade Costume?

Hi Everyone, I need Help with my Halloween Costume!!!
Needs to be very creative so I can win a prize from work. Please send me any ideas you may have!!
I also don’t have a lot of money and need cheap ideas.
Thank you in advance!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Cut out numbers and tape them to your shirt. Then when people ask tell them they can count on you. Thats what my sister’s teacher did and when she told me i thought it was pretty funny haha.

Laura asks…

Ahh… creative homemade halloween ideass?

Okay so as you know halloween is coming up quickly and I still don’t have a costume yet! Last year I was a pirate.. (yes very unorigional) so this year I wanna be something fun and creative that I can make at home with my own stuff. any ideas? Just throw any ideas out, whatever you have! thanks (:

I’m a girl in highschool and I don’t want anything slutty thanks. something unique or just a fun outfit to wear if you know what I mean… (like punk rocker, gypsy, cleopatra, or something like that but that I can make myself easily) (:

Halloween costume lion answers:

A ROBOT *beep boop bop*

Betty asks…

I need a homemade Halloween costume?

I’m an 18 year old male, and I have no money to spend on a halloween costume. I need something creative and easy, nothing typical. pleeeeease help me out

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could be a Black-eyed P. Put black around your eye and make the letter P on your shirt with tape or marker. I have seen it done and it was a hit!

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