Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

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March 9, 2012
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March 17, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Robert asks…

Does anyone have halloween costume ideas for pregnant women and there husband?

I will be just over 6 months pregnant on halloween but i still want to get dressed up. My husband and i would like to go as a couple. Any ideas? He isn’t the biggest fan of dressing up either but last year i convinced him to go as a gangster and i was a flapper girl.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Here’s an idea: Go as the Sims. All you have to do is make a plum bob (the little crystal thing they have above their heads) and you can wear whatever you want. Your husband will love that, since it isn’t so much a costume, and it will be easy for you to wear.

Carol asks…

What are some sexy halloween costume ideas for women?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hooters Girl Outfit!! They are def the hits of party. Everyone wants their picture taken with a Hooters girl. I got my costume off ebay since the actual restaurants wont sell them. Plus it will be unique because they are not sold in stores, not many people will be one. I just searched ebay for Hooters Halloween Costume. They are pretty cheap – only $50 for the whole outfit. They also just sell the tank tops. I probably wont wear the orange shorts in public, but still it will look cute with leggings. Good luck :)

Sandy asks…

Women Halloween costume ideas?

i need some halloween costume ideas please!
im 16 and i want something fun and cute
i was thinking about being snooki but i cant find wash off spray tan everything lasts a week and i planned to use like two cans to be reeeeal tan but i don’t want to be orange for a week
So any ideas will help!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Well if your into it you can be katy perry from california gurls video , or you could be lady gaga or maybe even like a cute fun (non old looking =] 80’s outfit ) just think fun and sexxy !! (:

Daniel asks…

I need group halloween costume ideas for 4 women and 1 man?

We’ve already thought of Sex and the City w/the guy being Mr. Big.

Any others?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hve him be one of the girls. You can be a girl band like the spice girls or like a cheer leading squad with him as your lead cheerer. It will be very funny and you will all have a good time.

Donald asks…

Women halloween costume ideas?

well… i asked for group ideas before but i guess they are doing there own thing now.. so any ideas for halloween costume ideas?

scary/original > slutty/every girl wears costumes

my couple + group ideas were things like
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Beetlejuice and Lydia
Scooby Doo
Clue game..

something that takes at least a LITTLE effort in the making…

Halloween costume lion answers:

Halloween is one of the best times of the year so try something like this:


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