Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Women Movie

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Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Women Movie

Sandy asks…

hot halloween costume ideas for a teenage girl?

okay so my bff is gonna be Marilyn Monroe and i absolutely love that idea.and like other hot halloween ideas.
like classical movie stars that are woman that a lot of people could recognize or just anything?=]

Halloween costume lion answers:

Scarlett OHara
Carmen Miranda (the fruit on her head is a dead give away)>=)
Daisy Duke (Dukes of Hazard hottie)
Hot Lips Hulahan (from Mash movie & TV series)
Rosie the Riveter
Saloon girl

Laura asks…

Fun, creative ideas for group Halloween costumes?

I work in the medical records office in a hospital and every year we dress up and decorate the office for Halloween as part of a hospital-wide contest. I’m looking to gather some ideas for a theme.

Our top picks right now are Toy Story, Addams Family, and Willy Wonka… but I don’t really like movie themes, I wanna come up with something better, that hasn’t been too overdone (like pirates, flappers, cowboys/Indians, you know all the typical ones). Last year we did Frankenstein.

There are 8-10 women in the office (ranging in age from early 20s to 60s) and 1 male (in his early 20’s). We’re not against making him cross-dress, or have some of the girls be dudes.

I’m basically looking for office-appropriate ideas for a Halloween theme. Any help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated… if you can suggest something that I won’t find on all the lists they have out there on the internet, like on or a simple Google-search for group costumes that’d be AWESOME… maybe something your own office did once, or you saw done in another place. Thanks!

(And I know this doesn’t really belong here, but I didn’t get any answers in the Halloween section so I’m trying again here.)

Halloween costume lion answers:

I suppose the Sailor Moon scouts with tuxedo mask as the one guy would be a bit too racy…

I have seen the wizard of oz theme work really well, dorothy, toto, the witch, glinda, some flying monkeys, aunt em, a tin girl, a lion girl, some munchins, a scarecrow for the guy

Nuns and a priest would be cute- you could go the sound of music route if you wanted to make it stand out

Greek goddesses and a god would be fun

1950’s theme would be cute too

I have also seen people do m & m’s – everybody wears a different monochromatic color choice- just red- just yellow- and everyone gets a white m on them.

Also a selection of disney princesses would be fun- someone could be cinderella, jasmine, ariel, pocahontas, tatiana, snow white, etc.

Good luck!

George asks…

Any halloween costume idea?

First of all, the costume is not for me, I’m actually drawing it for the game Pet Society (on facebook) and trying to enter their contest.
However, I can’t think of anything really original yet elegant.

It’s not necessary to provide me with a picture… I’m supposed to do that part and draw it all on Photoshop.

The costume should be for a girl/women. (Not too sexy, yet not too baby…)
I would really like something original (instead of the traditional pumpkin/vampire/witch/ghost!)
And the costume shouldn’t be imitating someone else, from a TV serie or from a movie.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Me and my friends are going to Alton Towers Scare Fest!
I’m going as a Dead Maid
My friend is going as a Dead Nurse
My other friend is going as a Dead School girl
and my other friend is going as Little Dead Riding Hood.

Donna asks…

Most creative Halloween costume?

When I was little, I would come up with stupid too-creative ideas for Halloween costumes. I was a headless Pikachu, a first class woman who drowned on the Titanic, a zombie hippie, and even my own imagination. I haven’t dressed up in a few years (I prefer to sit in front of the electric fireplace with a stash of chocolate bars and watch the movies and specials on tv), but I might go out this year.
What was the most creative costume you’ve ever worn?
What’s the best costume you’ve seen?
Any ideas?

It can be anything at all!

Halloween costume lion answers:

I guess my most recent favorite would be the diaper wearing insane astronaut. We painted those white paint protective suits orange, made the patches based on a picture of a real orange astronaut suit, got some silver dryer vent tubing, duct taped a couple of cheap clear plastic bowls together and cut out holes for face, neck, etc., got some orange feather boa for trim, and a white baby blanket with glued sequins as a diaper. It was the year that astronaut was cheating with another astronaut and she put on diapers and drove for hours to “talk” with the other woman. Instead of pepper spray we carried silly string.

Helen asks…

Costume for woman…someone from a movie or tv….?

I’m trying to think of someone I can be for halloween. Thinking of something that was from this year. Can be from commercials, tv, movies, whatever. Anyone have a good idea?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Just add a red wig and say you are Lucy Ball

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