Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Women Couples

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January 28, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Women Couples

Maria asks…

Halloween costumes?? Single woman costume or couples costumes?

I’m a 24 year old woman looking for different costumes for halloween. I would like to keep it on the sexy side, whether its sexy/scary or sexy/funny or iconic. I just don’t want sexy/skanky/slutty!!! I’m willing to go all out. Like one of my ideas is medusa. I don’t want the normal things that girls do, like the kitty cat costumes and police officers. I want something different. My fiance would dress up too, so couples costumes r good too. But again, please none of the normal costumes, like a fork and knife. Looking for something different. Please help!!! Will chose best answer!

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could go as Beth and your boyfriend could go as Dog the Bounty Hunter.Or if you don’t care for that idea,I suggest going to or,these sites will offer a lot of ideas,hope this helps you out and Happy Haunting!

George asks…

Good couples costume ideas for Halloween?

What is a good idea for Halloween party costumes for a couple? We are going to swap the roles so she is the guy and I am the woman. We thought of bride and groom, pilot and air stewardess or just a red carpet couple, she wears a tux and I wear a cocktail dress. Have you got any good ideas, and can you give me advice on how to make myself look really like a woman because we want to win the prize for the best costumes at the party and we don’t mind going all out to make it good!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hugh Hefner (silk men’s pajamas and a pipe) and a Playboy Bunny (ears, bra stuffing, and all).

Lizzie asks…

Halloween Costume for couples?

I want a good idea for a Halloween costume for a couple (man and women) very creative. Not stupid like apple and banana or screw and bolt!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
here are some:

-cheerleader and football jock
-bride and grome
-cowboy and cowgirl
-Romeo and Juliet

Mark asks…

Any ideas for couples halloween costumes? I want to be a cop or an army sergeant.?

My boyfriend and I are going to a Halloween party and I need help! I want to be a police woman or an army sergeant. We need ideas of what would go good with that. Convict and prisoner of love are options, but they are pretty standard. Any other ideas? Thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Nurse and doctor
Goddess and warrior
2 pirates

These are just a few of the excellent ideas I found at

They offer costumes for both men and women, you can easily find 2 that are related!

Happy Halloween!!!

Mandy asks…

Funny or cute costume ideas for COUPLES?

I’m looking for good ideas for a costume for Halloween for a couple. Hopefully it can be funny and I’m looking for something more than just the typical couple costumes you find in the costume shop. The funnier the better, cute’s okay too or sexy. Thanks!

PS my favorite one so far is border patrol for the woman and mexican immigrant for the man!

Halloween costume lion answers:

To make it really funny you should reverse the roles if the guy is very brave! You could go as a groom and have him wear a wedding dress and be a bride.

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