Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

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Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

Ken asks…

What are some clever Halloween costume ideas?

I dont have time to go get anything, so i would need to only use things that i would have around the house. Also, im 16 so it should be a more mature costume, not for little kids

Halloween costume lion answers:

60’s – a big woolly/thick sweater with leggings. Big sunglasses , leg warmers, bright colors, big chunky (vivid) necklaces and bracelets, belt

cat – make-up kit, black clothing, boa, quickly make ears using materials lying around the house

prom/homecoming queen – dress, makeup, crown

David asks…

Does anyone have ideas for a creepy doll halloween costume?

Me and my friend are going to be creepy dolls for halloween! We want something cute but not inappropriate. We’re skinny 13 year old girls with dark hair! We can fit into kids sizes or adult X-S…Any ideas?
Hair, makeup, clothes, shoes?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hair: two messy pigtails tied up with ribbons.
Make-up: Black eye-liner, rosy cheeks, scarred lips (like stitches in the shape of a smile)
Cloths: gray (sorta tight) v-neck and a black tu-tu type goth skirt (which you can buy at hot topic or spencers) w/ flats. You can tear up the skirt a little and splatter fake blood all over yourself :)
Costume sounds super cute!

Laura asks…

Halloween costume idea for mom and two kids.?

I am going to this party in a few weeks and last year I actually one the contest. I was an indian and I had a papoose with my 3 month old and my little boy was an indian. I want to do something like that again and incorporate my two kids into my costume . Can anybody give me any good ideas?? Thanks!
Also I am pregnant

Halloween costume lion answers:

Dress you kids up as deer and you can wear blaze orange and be the deer hunter…………….whenever they get out of control at the party ‘shoot’ them with a cap gun.

Sandy asks…

Planning Halloween costume contest for little kids…any ideas?

I work for the city of malibu and i am in charge of the halloween contest. We have a stage so i was thinking having them come up and say what they are. I need ideas on prizes and anything else you can think of that would be fun.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Prize get little candy corn get the little cheapy stuff from part city like spiders, and all the little funny stuff little pumpkin or things
get a crown for the top person
they are little so they like little prizes and fun stuff like that
i like having them come up on stage
you could get a sash too for the winner

Thomas asks…

visiting a nursury class on halloween… need costume ideas!?

My mom is a nursury teacher and she invited me to go to the Halloween party at her school. She said i would need to dress up. The kids are about 3 years old. I was thinking of going as pochahontas but what are some other ideas for kid friendly costumes that they will recognize?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Tinker Bell
Snow White
Belle from Beauty and the Beast
The Little Mermaid

Basically any Disney princess or Disney character would be good. Good Luck!

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