Your Questions About Group Theme Dress Up Ideas

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June 18, 2012
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Your Questions About Group Theme Dress Up Ideas

Richard asks…

What is a cute group dress up theme for sadies?

Are theme is going to be “In the streets”.Please give me ideas on how to pick a cute outfit that goes with the theme.thank you.

Halloween costume lion answers:

A cute dress with a fun patten or solid color
with a leather jacket.
Wear strappy heels.
And if you have long hair make it wavy and short hair go for lots of volume!

Sandra asks…

Group Fancy dress, TV theme- any ideas?

right- group of girls, could be up to 10/12 of us, we don’t really ever buy costumes, we try to make them or buy stuff from pound shops etc cos we cant spent a lot!

Please, any ideas– we need help!!!! thankssss x

Halloween costume lion answers:

Wear suits, then put a white doctors coat over the top and wear those disposable gloves you get in hospitals and go as a team of crime scene investigators, i think you could get some toy police badges from a toy shop or pound shop as well.

Ken asks…

spring fling- group theme ideas??

our highschools spring fling dance is coming up
each group of friends dress up as a theme
(ex: camo, sports teams, etc.)

we’ve got about 10-20 people, boys and girls.
we need some ideas for what our group‘s theme should be,
any suggestions? thanks. :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hillary’s and Obama’s, just smart & funny

Mark asks…

Any dressing up theme ideas of school camp night?

Bascially I’m in a group of 10 and we need a group theme for the school camp night. Some people are doing pirates, some are doing Alice in Wonderland which I think is really cool since we have an Alice in our group. I dont we can make costumes and stuff because camp is pretty soon. Please share your great ideas!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

I worked at a summer camp once, and we did many different things, my favs were hillbilies, super heros, outerspace, and twins…but either way have fun!!

Thomas asks…

any ideas for what a group of girls (4/5of us) can dress up as for a Hollywood theme party?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Spice girlss!

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