Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes Ideas

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August 18, 2012
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Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes Ideas

Sandra asks…

Any ideas for halloween group costumes?

so were in high school and their are groups and we need costume ideas. so does anyone have any unique or interesting costume ideas? in my group including me there are 3 girls and 1 boy
any ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

The scooby gang would be cute, but a girl would have to be either fred, shaggy or scooby.
You could go as some of the Sailor Moon characters, there are plenty of girls to choose from and a few guys.

What about a pair of socks and a pair of shoes? A litter of puppies or kittens. Or office supplies. A pen, pencil, an eraser and a piece of paper or a stapler. How about a four pack of batteries.

You could go as Adam and Eve, Eva, and Evey; Depending on how brave your feeling.

You could each dress up as a quarter and go as a dollar.

Hmm…You could do role reversal type of thing and the three girls go as Ed, Edd and Eddy from the cartoon show and the guy goes as the blonde girl whose name escapes me at the moment.

Or you could go as different stages of something. Say a fly. One person goes as the egg, then the larvea, then the fly, and the last can go as a squished fly wearing a flyswatter.

Donna asks…

What are some ideas for Halloween group costumes?

There’s about 6 of us for 1 party, 3 guys and 3 girls looking for a common theme costume. And for the second party it’s just us 3 guys looking for a common theme costume. I’ve been stumped. Any suggestions?

Halloween costume lion answers:

How daring are you? Go as three couples in reverse, the women dressed as men and the men as women! How about going as three brides and grooms? For the second party you can keep the same costumes and all go in drag! Good luck!

Lisa asks…

Any ideas for group halloween costumes?

There are five of us in the group. We’re all 16 and we want something comfotable because we have to be in school in it all day, but can easily go to a party at night.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Wizard of Oz

Pink Ladies

Peter Pan
The Village People
A punk rock girl band
Spice Girls
Charlie’s Angels
Super Heros: Cat Women, Wonder Women, Bat woman, Super girl, Spider woman
Fanta girls

Mandy asks…

what are some good ideas for group halloween costumes?

me and my friends want to go trick or treating but want to go as the same thing. we went as crayons one year…which was pretty awesomee and then as zombie super models. we need a good idea!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

I had some friends who did Wizard of Oz one year. You’d need a Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Wicked Witch of the West (maybe even a gross flying monkey).

Daniel asks…

halloween costumes. teens. not to slutty. please help us. maybe group costume. ideas please!!!!?

okay teen halloween costume. not very slutty. only a little. not to baby ish. group ideas please girls/girls and guys!!! thanksss

Halloween costume lion answers:

has good prices for all holloween costumes and any other cotumes we need. They got almost everything!

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