Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes For Women

Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes For 3
August 19, 2012
Wizard of Oz – If I Were King of the Forest
August 21, 2012
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Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes For Women

Helen asks…

I need a group halloween costume for 16 people?

At work the departments have a competition for halloween of the best costumes, so i need a group for 16 women. past costumes include farm animals, classic halloween characters, toy story, toys, fairytales, ect. thanks:)
its also at a preschool and has to be kid friendly*

Halloween costume lion answers:


Betty asks…

Some good group halloween costumes.?

For 4 or 5 people, something cool. not like “little women” or something, because they are just people in dresses… not very unique. last year me and my friends did the four seasons. it was a hit and feel free to use it if you want. :D but i neeed a neww one.

Halloween costume lion answers:

The Wizard of Oz!!

Mary asks…

Where can I find a zebra print dress?

I need one for a group Halloween costume. We’re being cave women, and I want a different animal print than everyone else’s.

Halloween costume lion answers:

I just bought one off of ebay for $24. Just type in Zebra Print Dress.

Lisa asks…

There is a group of women down at the street corner who are offering to turn tricks for treats. Are they just?

getting into the Halloween spirit? They all seem to be wearing the same costumes with high heels and mini skirts.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Oh yes they are, they are from the Guild of Trickers and they usually want something in return like money but if they just want candy you have found a great deal

Linda asks…

Appropriate Halloween costumes?

Hi! I cannot believe I am asking this, since I am the Queen of Halloween, but I am looking for an APPROPRIATE Halloween costume. I am 23 years old, and all the costumes for my age group are rather skanky. Normally, I would have fun with it, and embrace said skankiness, but I have been invited to my boyfriend’s family Halloween party, and I cannot be hanging out of my clothes in front of his cousins and aunts and uncles, etc. Does anyone know a site where I can find an appropriate costume that is still cute? I don’t want to be a nun or a Renaissance woman or anything like that. I wanted to be an animal, like a bear, but I don’t want to wear a mask or a full body suit. I want my legs to show a bit, but I don’t want my backside to be hanging out of my skirt. Nothing too low-cut and no stomach showing. Can anyone help me?


Halloween costume lion answers:

Yeah, the commercial costumes are all horribly skanky and ugly. I’ve done animal costumes out of regular clothes and handmade accessories.

The link below is to some easy instructions for making an animal-ear headband out of fabric and cardboard. From the illustration, it looks pretty good.

Make the rest of the costume out of appropriately-coloured clothes for whatever animal you want to be (yoga pants, skirt and leggings, leotard or tee): grey for a mouse, black for a kitty, orange for a fox, brown for a bear.

If you’re up for a challenge the second link is instructions on making an animal tail that moves and swishes.

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