Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes For College Girls

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August 29, 2012
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Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes For College Girls

Donna asks…

what is a good group halloween costume for four college girls?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hooters Girl Outfit!! They are def the hits of party. Everyone wants their picture taken with a Hooters girl. I got my costume off ebay since the actual restaurants wont sell them. Plus it will be unique because they are not sold in stores, not many people will be one. I probably wont wear the orange shorts in public, but still it will look cute with leggings. Good luck :)

look at all the cute diff Hooters outfits:

Mary asks…

College Group for Halloween? Costume Ideas?

So my friends and I (usually five girls) love the movie “Robin Hood: Men In Tights” and just recently watched it again. We really wanted to go as the men in tights for Halloween. Some of the girls already have other costumes in mind, so we’ve decided to do the men in tights idea next year…. so… what should i be for halloween now? i don’t like very common or cutesy things. usually i like something clever. i was considering being a pic-nic and sewing fake food onto a red and white checkered skirt… buuuuut. yeah. i don’t have a lot of time to do anything anyway. i’m willing to work on a costume. but i don’t know what i want to be. any suggestions?
ew. no. we are not the “anything slutty” type, thank you. what about indiana jones?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Slutty anything

Mandy asks…

what’s a good group costume for girls?

my friends and i are in college and are planning ahead trying to come up with a good group costume for halloween, it doesn’t matter if it’s like all one theme like all being crayons or an actual group like the spice girls…just trying to get as many ideas as possible to choose the best one.

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could go as Crayola Crayons, where each person can pick their own color – the costumes dont have to be blocky or frumpy either – there are fitted crayon-style dresses as well! Http://

You could be celebrities – Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Elvis, etc.

You could also go as Candy – each person picks their favorite kind – there are fitted dresses in these styles as well:…

You could be a flock of birds: parrots, peacocks, chickens, turkeys, whatever floats your boat

You could be superheroes – wonder woman, batgirl, supergirl, lady green lantern corps member, lady flash – add some super villains with catwoman and co.!

You could be junk food, fruits, or veggies

You could go as classic TV characters like the cast of scooby doo

You could dress up in board game costumes like monopoly, scrabble, match game, tic tac toe, darts, etc (and you can really play these costumes!!)

You could be star trek characters, star wars characters, or the cast of another classic movie/tv show

If you don’t like any of these, check out this Squidoo Lens all about how to make the perfect group costume:

Good luck finding your perfect group costume!

Robert asks…

What is a good Halloween costume for a group of three?

We’re college students at a Christian college and there are two girls and one boy in our group.

Halloween costume lion answers:

The Powerpuff Girls the guy can be Mojo Jojo, the mayor, or Him. The cat and the Hat with thing 1 and 2, Despicable Me minions, characters from the show Three’s Company, The Addams Family, Smurfs, Sesame Street Characters, Muppets Show, Two Peas && a pod.

Thomas asks…

We have a group of 3 girls and we need costume ideas for Halloween!!?

We could possibly add another girl if necessary but we are trying to do it with 3. We want something unique!!! We are all college students!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Be the Supremes.
Or the 3 Stooges.
Or Huey, Dewey & Louie.
Or the Thompson Twins.
Or 3/4 of the Beatles.

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