Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes For 3

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August 19, 2012
Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes For Women
August 20, 2012
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Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes For 3

Betty asks…

What are good group Halloween costumes for 3 people?

that is fun and oringinal

Halloween costume lion answers:

Groups of three:

3 Musketeers
3 Blind Mice
3 Stooges
“Charmed” cast
Bradey Girls/Boys
Marx Brothers
“Three’s Company”
“Charlie’s Angels”
Hewey, Dewey, Louie (Donald Duck’s nephews)
“Three Amigos”
The Fates (Greek Mythology)
The Furies (Greek Mythology)
3 Little Pigs (You all dress as pigs, one carries straw, one carries sticks, one carries a brick)
3 Wise Men
ZZ Top

Or pick a theme, and you all dress in similar costumes. It could be anything from pirates, superheros, kitchen condiments, fruit or vegetables, or fairies. Use your imagination, and there is no limit to ideas.

Steven asks…

3 halloween costumes for a group?

My 2 friends and I are 14 and 15, and we want to do group halloween costumes this year. we want them sexy but not too slutty. any suggestions?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Charlies angels
bumble bee,butterfly and ladybug

William asks…

Halloween group costumes for 3?

my friends and I are going out together and think it would be really cool if we had like matching costumes. 3 teenage girls. any ideas? Thanks

Halloween costume lion answers:

Depends on what kind of a look you are going for.

If you want funny you could do the 3 stooges? Just make em female instead:)

if you want scary, maybe you could all tease your hair and dress in a simple shirt and tights in black or brown, make tails from some rope and fasten on to the tights, and then get a trash bag or a sheet and make arm holes for all 3 of you so that you can all fit in there. That way you could be a 3 headed monster.

If you want cute maybe dress in hippie clothing and be flower girls? Maxi dresses in fun colors could work, or you can flare out some old jeans by cutting from the bottom of your jeans up in a straight line as far as you want, and then hot glue or sew in a fun fabric cloth. Pair with platform shoes or sailor shoes, and a cute bohemian top. Lots of necklaces and wear your hair down, put in some loose curls, a head band over your hair.
You could also dress as vampire sisters?

Mark asks…

group halloween costumes for 3-5 13 year olds?

ok so i know its early but me and my friends are trying to come up with a group halloween costume ideas. any suggestions?? plz no stupid answers and I KNOW IT IS EARLY! thanks:)

Halloween costume lion answers:

First thing that comes to mind is M&M colors, but that might be plain.

Charles asks…

what are group halloween costumes for 3 peolpe?

creative and not something heavu

Halloween costume lion answers:

Gumby’s sidekick, Pokey …. A talking horsie.

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