Your Questions About Group Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

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December 26, 2011
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December 30, 2011
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Your Questions About Group Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

Carol asks…

Halloween costumes for a large group of college kids?

We’re a group of about 6 or 7 guys and about 3 or 4 girls. So 9 to 11 people total. What are some ideas for us to dress up as?

Halloween costume lion answers:


Mandy asks…

Halloween Costume Ideas For Being My Age ?

Hello there guys.. Um well Im looking for a store that sells good halloween costumes not like ” Walmart..Zellers Kmart etc”` I know its really late notice and everything.. But its really difficult for my age group, because i dont want to be like little kid dressed, but i also dont wanna be dressed sleezy ??

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go to theyhave costumes 4 all ages good luck!!!

Robert asks…

Help with Halloween ideas!?

ok so me and about 4 or more of my friends are going out on halloween and we need costumes that have some sort of theme to it..sadly i cant afford to buy a halloween costume so if there is a way for me to make one i can just as many ideas as possible would be helpful on theme for the group and my individual design

thnx =D

oh and we are all 15+ so we dont need any little kid costumes or anything really slutty

Halloween costume lion answers:

You can all be 80’s girls! All you need is leggings, a sweatshirt without a hood, and ballet flats.

Ken asks…

Halloween ideas for a group of friends?

My friends and I (there’s like 10 boys,10 girls) all want to have a theme for our costumes. Were in 8th grade, so it cant be inappropriate because our school has a dress code for Halloween (were around little kids…and their parents).

Halloween costume lion answers:

Cowboy & Cowgirls

Cleopatra & Egyptian

Reaper & Killers

Ninja & Samurai

Colonial Costumes

Roman & Greek





James asks…

halloween costume ideas for an 11 year old?

okay well im a little tall for my age cause im 5’4 and well actually im 11 and a 1/2 but still anyways im just tryin to get a head start on ideas my mom is so nice she usually makes my costumes and i like getting all the attention and the talk of the neighborhood or the “15 minutes of fame” anyway i would like ideas and i cant really do group stuff i am an only child and my friends wouldnt really do the whole set thing or whatever but anyway i like unusual stuff in the past i have been a kid abducted by an alien, a headless waitress, and a gorilla holding a zookeeper in a cage etc. so i like really uniqe ones NOT like hannah montanna and high school musical or anything i want different please
sorry if i sounded rude i didnt mean to i just typed fast im sorry

Halloween costume lion answers:

I gots the same problem, anyway


U could be like Mini Mouse, only Micky got…. Well really mad well leave it at that (:[)
U could be a boy/gurl, cut a bunch of stuff in half ect. Paint a beard on one half of ur face ect.
A angel/devil or a dark fairy/good fairy


Paul asks…

Halloween costume help?

so my friend & i want to go out for halloween together & we want the costumes to be kinda together-ish (like group kinda thing) so were thinkin she could be a flower & i could be a bee but we cant find a flower costume for her cuz were both 13 so theyre all for little kids – any ideas for how to make it so its kinda cute?

we didnt buy anything for the costumes yet so if you have other ideas we can try you can say those too

thanks to everyone who answers

Halloween costume lion answers:

You guys could be cute nerds with the scottish skirt and shirt with tie, glasses, and two pigtails. You could be a ladybug and your friend could be a bee.

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