Your Questions About Group Halloween Costume Ideas For College

Your Questions About Adult Halloween Costumes Ideas
October 19, 2011
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October 26, 2011
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Your Questions About Group Halloween Costume Ideas For College

Robert asks…

Any ideas for a college halloween costume for 4 people?

4 college guys looking for a group costume together. Any ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

You can be four elements:fire, water, earth and air….. By the way it’ll be the best if you’ll have one girl in your group, she can be 5th element-the perfect person…. Like in movie….. ;-D

Sharon asks…

halloween costume ideas for 21 yr old college male?

my boyfriend is 21 and in college, he needs an idea for a halloween costume. He likes to go for the obnoxious comedy look. For instance last year him and his fraternity brothers were the duke lacrosse team. May be offensive to people but thats just the way he is, a prankster haha. Anways if you can think of a good costume for just him or for a group of him and his friends let me know asap!!!! thankssssssss

Halloween costume lion answers:

XD They could be The Lost Boys. That’d be cool. =o If I saw The Lost Boys running around my neighborhood, I wouldn’t know what to think…

Carol asks…

any ideas for a funny halloween costume thats totally random and unexpected for a college student?

i want to be something not cliche and funny. and maybe with a group of friends! i think the idea of being like joe the plumper, or a piece of gum or something lame like that is kind of funny any more creative ideas?!

Halloween costume lion answers:

If u have 4 people dress up as the jamaican bob sled team …. We bought black under armer tops and bottoms ( which could get kinda expensive) or find black spandex and black top.. Get old bike helmets spray paint them yellow and then you can get creative and decorate in jamaican colors and flags.. We even went as far as making a mini “bobsled” to push someone around in …everyone got a kick out of this we were the life of the party

Sandra asks…


hey, need easy (no money if possible!) halloween costume ideas– i need two for two halloween parties. age group is high school/college. I don’t want to do skanky super revealing costumes, but i still want to look good. so looking for at least two form fitting but not slutty female costumes. thx!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go to
for a few Costume ideas!
Good luck!

Party Guy

Jenny asks…

does anyone have any group costume ideas?

a few of my friends and i wanna dress up together in some group this year for halloween, we are in college sooo anything goes, ive been looking online for some ideas but cant seem to find anything thats really interesting. soooo any ideas would be awesome. thanks

Halloween costume lion answers:

Well here’s some scary ideas:

-One of you as Michael Jackson and the rest as zombies (from ‘Thriller’. Me and my friends are doing this one this year :D)
-Cereal Killer and various victims (or cereals!)
-The Addams family
-Twisted fairy tales e.g. Red Riding Hood with a gun and blood stains, a bear-mangled Goldilocks (with gruesome facial wounds), Snow White after eating the poisoned apple, Rapunzel with her hair all torn out and anyone else you can think of!
-The seven deadly sins

And some more harmless ideas:
-Tetris blocks
-Pacman and ghosts
-Different sweets/candy bars
-Alice in wonderland characters
-Wizard of Oz characters

Hope this helps!
Alex W

Richard asks…

I’m am dressing as “Envy” for Halloween, I need help as to how I should put it together…?

It is for a college aged church group halloween costume contest thing. I want to go as Envy (if someone gets offended, my costume is Poison Ivy). I want it to look cute, but not slutty. I need costume ideas, makeup ideas, hair, etc (I’m just going to put it together myself). If you have pictures or links or anything, I’d greatly appreciate it.
Obviously lol

Halloween costume lion answers:

Envy is always associated w/ green.

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