Your Questions About Group Dress Up Ideas

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Your Questions About Group Dress Up Ideas

Lizzie asks…

What are some group dress up ideas for Spring Fling?

So for our school, spring fling is when we get into a large group of friends and all dress the same. I have a few ideas, but I need more! Please and thank you(:

Halloween costume lion answers:

mermaids- sparkly bra w colorful liquid leggings from american apparel
flappers- you get short sequined dresses and fun headbands,
t-shirts w funny sayings,
greek goddesses- wrap a sheet around and tie and twist it so it looks cute and tie your waist w gold ribbon,
the seven deadly sins,
life guards.
Mario Brothers
Pac Men

Sandy asks…

Dress up ideas for group day?

My school is having a group day, and I want my group to stand out. This is when you grab a bunch of friends and dress up in a group. Example: the cast of Scrubs, Bear Grylls, etc. (Those are already taken). Any ideas? We have one guy in our group and 3-4 girls.

Halloween costume lion answers:

We had this at my school.
My friends dressed up as the cast of hey arnold
it was hallarious

Paul asks…

Group Day dress up ideas?

We are having a group day at my school. I do not know what to dress up as. Any ideas???

Halloween costume lion answers:

Have your group dress up as the holidays (cupid, santa, baby new year, uncle sam, etc.)

Donald asks…

What are some good dress up ideas for school dances?

For our school’s dance, what are some ideas for a group to dress up as? We like random! It can be ANYTHING! It’s not formal. It’s our sophomore year and it’s the hello dance. It’s not for a while but we wanna start planning now. Thanks (:

Halloween costume lion answers:

For u cutiee a nice black dress with a black bow and black converse soooo hot lol add me on myspace if u have one

Richard asks…

group theme dress up ideas?

Have a fun raiser coming up and each group has to dress up and have a theme name!! Cant think of what to dress up as?Any help please!thanks

Halloween costume lion answers:

Doctors are ace fund raisers

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