Your Questions About Group Dress Up Ideas Halloween

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May 30, 2012
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Your Questions About Group Dress Up Ideas Halloween

Nancy asks…

I work at a elementary school… We have a group of 10 that need to dress up for halloween? Any fun ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:


Helen asks…

Me and my friends want to dress up as a group of people from a bOok or mOvie for Halloween, any ideas?

There are 4 of us (3 girls and 1 guy)and 2 dogs to dress so, what should we do?
Wevve thought of ppl frum Harry potter, the wiz of oz or Mario ppl but none rlly seem to click.
Thx!!! :)
hOneyb- thanks but we were thinking something a bit more well known, like I said, Harry potter or something cuz I hav no idea wut that is…

Halloween costume lion answers:

Vampires from Twilight

The Flintstones

Scooby Doo Characters

The Incredibles (easy because you can even make t-shirts for the dogs): photo of the Incredibles at

Paul asks…

How should me & my friends dress up for Halloween?

me & my friends are going to our church for halloween. Were all trying to dress up as a group. We were thinking of being barbies & we’ll probably make our costumes. We need some suggestions of what to wear. Or other group outfit ideas. thanks(:
Ps. were in eighth grade age 13-14

Halloween costume lion answers:

What about
the scoobydoo gang: fred, daphne, velma, shaggy, scooby.
The disney princesses

David asks…

Children In Need: Group Fancy Dress Ideas?

Children In Need: Group Fancy Dress Ideas?
So Children in Need is coming up fast (Novenber 18th) and it’s a big deal at my Sixth Form, we generally raise a couple of grand by all the students dressing up! It’s become a bit of a thing to beat last years costumes…

So in my friendship group there are two boys and six girls, do you have any ideas of group costumes we can do?

For halloween this year we are going to be handing out sweets in our local town dressed as Batman characters, Batman, Robin, The Joker, Catwoman, The Scarrecrow, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and The Riddler, but we want different costumes for Children in Need.

All the girls are happy to be guys but the boys won’t dress as girls.

We are all 16 and 17 if that makes any difference…

Halloween costume lion answers:


Betty asks…

How can I convince my husband to dress up for halloween?

There is a group of us dressing up this Halloween, but he is worried he will look silly. I know he will get into the spirit on the night, and will regret it if he is the only one not dressed up, but convincing him of that is the hard part.

Any ideas would be appreciated x

Halloween costume lion answers:

Tell him all the other blokes who have dressed will be arsed if he skives.

Seriously, a sexy outfit that would show flashy coolness, like a pirate, or some other not embarrassing alternative may be found easily.

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