Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas

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Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas

Robert asks…

What are some group costume ideas for halloween?

My four friends and I are trying to brain storm an idea for a group costume for halloween. We will be wearing these costumes to a dance party, so we want to look cute. We are all girls and in high school. As many ideas as possible would be great!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Find group halloween costume ideas at

Jenny asks…

What are good FUNNY GROUP costume ideas?

I’m not sure how big the group is gonna be yet. I want it to be either funny or cute, preferrably funny :D I would prefer not to buy a costume, either, I want to make my own, like use clothes I already have. Ideas?

I’m open for anything!!! :D

BTW, me and my friends are in 8th grade (13- 14 years old) so nothing innapropriate!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

My friends and I in middle school wanted to do a group costume thing too. :) We were gonna do The Addams Family, The Scooby Doo Gang, and I remember a set of girls in my grade did the fanta soda girls. They had like grape, orange, strawberry, root beer, etc. You could also do the smurfs, crayons, blue man group, the breakfast club( if you dont know what that is, look up the movie. Its from the 80’s), little rascals (spanky, alfalfa, buckwheat, etc.), looney toon characters, pac man and ghosts, redneck family, slumber party, or seven deadly sins.

Alot are from the website below, and theres more there.
Hope I helped. :)

Chris asks…

What are some good group costume ideas for 6 teens?

We are all 15 and 5 of us are girls with one guy friend. We don’t want to be slutt-y or anything. The ideas we came up with are so far:

Spice Girls-we added emo spice and the guy will carry a stereo.
Crayola- we’ll all be a color!!
Pooh and friends- Cute eh?
and a buch of others

What are some other group teen costumes ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Crayola is such a cute idea, I love that! Most costumes these days are kind of slutty. How about an ’80s theme? You know, spandex, leg warmers, sweat bands, etc. Extremely bright colors! Messy hair. I always thought that would be a classic halloween idea for a group.

Edit: I love the idea about the angels/devil! Alice in Wonderland characters work too! I also love the Wizard of Oz characters, a lot of the male character costumes come in really cute female costumes. Or Pac-Man and Ghosts. Like the girls could be different color pac-mans(womans?) and he could be the blue ghost. Btw, I love the Pooh idea! Henry VIII and his Six Wives. In this case, five wives! That’d be great. The Beatles? The rest of the group could be groupies! Or a ’20s theme, gangsters and flappers! That’d look great! ’60s, you could all be hippies – not so original but still great. Or maybe showgirls? You know like tights and glitter! The guy could be the emcee. Or cops and prisoner? All the girls could be cops and he could be the prisoner. Nurses and doctor. Catch my drift? Sorry that all this is a mess!

Charles asks…

Halloween group costume ideas for teen girls?

Okay so this halloween 4 of my girlfriends (counting me) want to be a group thing for halloween and we have 2 go 2morrow to get our costumes so can u give us quick ideas we’re all 14 and we really need something fast!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Be M&Ms! My friends and I did it one year! Just get a shirt in the color you want and paint and M on it!

Mark asks…

Group costume ideas for teenage girls?

I am looking for a list of good general ideas for a group of friends. Please nothing from a costume store. Last year we were rockstars and wore different things from american apparel.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Be characters from your favorite movie.
You can all be babies. They are so easy to do just get footie pajamas! :)

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