Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas For 5

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February 27, 2012
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March 1, 2012
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Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas For 5

Carol asks…

Good Halloween group costume Ideas for 5 people?

Any good ideas for groups of 5

we were thinking about being the cast from Jurassic Park but someone else took that

Halloween costume lion answers:

Cast of Jersey Shore, or Scooby Doo gang or a band (with 5 people or something,.. Like be the Beatles… Dress up like them.. Then have a fifth beatle haha) or characters from Harry Potter

George asks…

group halloween costume ideas for 5 people?

me and my friends all want to be something together for halloween. right now we are thinking of each being a different superhero (like wonderwoman, catwoman, bat girl, super girl, etc.) but we are still open to other ideas. We are 13-14 year old girls.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Fanta girls
crayons(everyone a diffrent color)
zombies after one person in the group
twilight caracthers
video game characters
diffrent fruits
guys( it would be really funny)
vampier clan
dicso divas
diffrent rockstars

Thomas asks…

Any costume ideas for a group of 5 teachers?

We teach 5th grade. 1 male and 4 females. The costume must be school appropriate. We want to be a group or have a costume that has a common theme.

Halloween costume lion answers:

How about the Blue Man group? Simple and easy. Use swim caps and blue face paint.


The four food groups with a snack.

Lisa asks…

Costume ideas for a group of about 5-6 girls?

We have to dress up a group of 5-6 freshman for Freshman Welcome Week. Any ideas for a theme to dress up in? We need them to all fit together in the same way, but not be the same costume.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Winx Club
Pooh characters
Disney princess

John asks…

Halloween group of 5 costume ideas?

okay were all 12 years old and we have no idea what to be for Halloween. i tried the spice girls didn’t work out so much. but if you have any ideas please send them in. best idea get the 10 points.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Black Eyed Peas….Wear Shirt with a P on it and then each of you has a black eye.

Painters with a beret and beards and a palette.

1950s pink poodle skirts and saddle shoes

Q tips wear all white like white hospital pants and tshirt and wear a white hair wig

wear hospital pants and tops and be doctors

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