Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas For 3

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November 23, 2011
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Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas For 3

Mary asks…

Group Costume ideas? For 3?

2 (all girls) of my friends and i are planning a costume for a school costume contest. We’re entering the group one for the 3 of us. This is what we’ve brain-stormed so far;
3 blind mice
Power Puff girls
3 musketeers… I know kinda lame, but hey! its for fun! Any other ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

3 little pigs lol(don’t do it its just a joke)

you can be
the jonas brothers
wizard of oz(scarecrow, tinman, lion)
cinderella (2 mean sis and cinderella)
Peace, Love, and happiness
golfer, caddy and gallery
three out of 4 dentists who chew gum
pack of gum
80s rockstar
family(parents, kid, dog, babysitter, grabdparents, aunts etc..)

hope i helped!

Sandy asks…

Group costume ideas for 3 people?

So, my best friend lives with my husband and me and we have a Halloween party to go to on Friday. Problem is, we wanted to “theme” our costumes but we can’t think of anything for 3 people that is FUNNY. Most things we can come up with are kind of stupid… any ideas?

Ex: 3 Stooges, Three’s Company, Ghostbusters

Also, please do not suggest “couple’s costumes” we need ideas for THREE people. Thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Sex, drugs, rock and roll
my friends just did that and it was awesome!!

Mandy asks…

Group Halloween costume ideas!!! 3+ people! Help!?

Now its for school so it has to be appropriate! and its for a contest so it has to be SUPER creative! so no three stooges, doctors or nurses and other boring stuff like that! =) me and my two friends (all girls, but not willing to be slutty) are doing this together, but we can also add to the group if we have to! thanksss!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Susan asks…

Halloween Group Costume Idea? 3 Girls 1 Guy?

I need ideas for a group costume theme. The girls don’t mind dressing up as boys, but they guy doesn’t want to dress up as a girl. Any suggestions?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Charlie’s Angels & Charlie
Power Puff Girls & the Professor
Organization XIII members
Wizard of Oz – (although the girls may end up fighting over dorothy)
Super Heros
A Doctor and his Nurses
Cops and Criminals
Hookers and Pimps
Soda Cans
Harry Potter
80’s, 60’s or any decade
Athlete or Singer and his Groupies
Teacher and his School Girls
Scooby Doo

Michael asks…

Any creative Halloween costume ideas for a group of 3?

My friends and I have been racking our brains for a creative costume that we could make and wear for Halloween this year. We have been to various websites and have seen the typical responses, but were wondering if anybody had anything else in mind? We just don’t want to do the cliche – 3 blind mice, 3 littles pigs, 3 bears, 3 stooges, Charlie’s angels, etc. Any Help?

Halloween costume lion answers:

See no evil, hear no evil , speak no evil

Maria asks…

What are some halloweens costume ideas for a group of 3 girls?

We don’t have time to go out and get stuff, so please make the ideas easy to find stuff from home, but it should be clever! i couldn’t think of any good ones so hopefully you can help! thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Charlies Angels.

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