Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas For 12

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January 14, 2012
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January 15, 2012
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Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas For 12

Donna asks…

hi, my school is doing a competition for each class. i need ideas for a FUNNY Group costume (12 people)?

this has to be funny. it could be all the same or everyone could be different. Some examples were everyone was the band kkiss, willy wonka and oompa loompas, and fast food characters. please help !

Halloween costume lion answers:

Several years ago a group of my co-workers got together and did a chain gang. There was one guard and six inmates. We were competing against a dozen to dozen and half people & groups. We took first place. You can see photos of it at:

We got the gear from PX:Direct ( ).

In your case, you could have 3 or 4 guards and the rest being inmates. If you wanted to do a skit along with it (we did some small stuff together) some could be staff, other guards, and the rest inmates.

If you don’t have the time or money to buy from PX:Direct, you could make your own uniforms. Some suggestions would be using Blue Jean shirts, Blue Jean pants, and cheap canvas sneakers (especially good are slip-on sneakers or deck shoes). Urban Outfitters are selling some of these for 2 for $30 or $18/each.

I wish you the of luck in whatever you decide to wear! I hope you’ll let us know how it turns out.

Lizzie asks…

halloween costume ideas for 12 year old girls that are going as a group?

we really want good and cool ideas if you have anything, please answer there are 6 girls in the group, no limitations

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hear is a hole list of them at this web page good luck i hope you find what you are looking for

Lisa asks…

What are Some Good Costume Ideas for a Group of 4 12 yr old BFFs?

Halloween costume lion answers:

OMG dress up as the Beatles (if you’re dudes) and Charlies Angles (if you are chicks, make the biggest one Charlie!)

Susan asks…

Need Group costume ideas!?

need cute costume ideas!?
Hey everyone. I was wondering what some ideas for cute group costumes are. Specifically, there will be a group of 12 people, 10 youngsters and 2 older ones. In the past groups have done things like the 2 older ones are cops and the group is donuts, or the the 2 older ones are train conductors and the 10 younger ones are a train. Anyone have any ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

The two older ones can be a tour bus and the younger ones can be groupies going to a Hannah Montana concert.

The two older ones can be sharks and the little ones can be various sea creatures. (Like big fish and little fish.)

One older one can be the ring master, the other the clown car and the little ones can be all the clowns that stuff the clown car.

The two older ones can be the picnic and the younger ones can be ants spoiling it.

I always wanted to do this with my little sisters but they never did it with me!!! Two older kids can be Hamburglar and say Ronald McDonald (really any two of the characters) and the little ones can be a group of Fry Guys. I thought the fry guys would be easy to make with lots and lots of yarn.

Hope this gives you some ideas! :)

P.S. Totally love the cops and donuts one you did! He he

Ruth asks…

Costume ideas for a group of 3 12 year old girls?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Power puff girls, the three girls form the movie mean girls

Sharon asks…

What’s a creative group costume idea for a group of twelve?

My Medical School class (in Brazil) is graduating and we have a tradition to hold a big costume party before graduation. We rotate in blocks so, we have little groups, and my group decided to have a group costume. We are 12 people (7 guys and 5 girls) so, I need a great creative and funny idea (we are open-minded!). Thank you!

Halloween costume lion answers:

There is a great selection of costumes at and on their ebay store.

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