Your Questions About Good Group Dress Up Ideas

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May 27, 2012
Your Questions About Fun Group Dress Up Ideas
May 29, 2012
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Your Questions About Good Group Dress Up Ideas

George asks…

What are some good dress up themes?

I have to do a freshmen orientation thing, and I get a group of kids. So I need a dress up theme for my group. Does anyone have any good ideas that are kind of unique and cool.

Halloween costume lion answers:

I actually compiled a bit of a list last time when I was asked about Pirate Parties ideas…

Linda asks…

What is a good thing to dress up as in a group of people?

Me and my friends want to be the same, but not exactly. What’s a good idea, apart from the pink ladies(greece) and the seven dwarves? Thanks(:

Halloween costume lion answers:

Choose a theme and go for it!
Hawaiian for example

Charles asks…

What are some ideas for “character day dress-up”?

its our high school’s spirit week adn tuesdat is character day.. (tv shows. mopvies, books. etc.
what might be some good ideas??

group or alone..
i dont think were allowed to wear full-out costumes though..

Halloween costume lion answers:

Maybe this is the wrong category
my idea is a sweet witch

Betty asks…

What are some good ideas for a heroes/villains dress up party for 6 people?

Hi, a group of my friends are going to a heroes/villains party and we were going to go as one theme. Any ideas for any DIY or under $20 ideas we can go as?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Your choices is endless but i suggest being the joker in one of them. “Why so serious”? :D

Laura asks…

PLEASE ANSWER!:D Good ideas for a welcome back dance to dress up as?

For highschool we have a welcome back dance and were supposed to dress up. Our group needs someideas. Please say soemthing that is simple like some ttype of spankys, shirt, maybe some highsocks or boots? PLEASE help us out. thankkkks:D

Halloween costume lion answers:

Make meat dresses and be Lady GaGa

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