Your Questions About Funny Group Dress Up Ideas

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May 30, 2012
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May 30, 2012
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Your Questions About Funny Group Dress Up Ideas

Michael asks…

How to Dress a group of Guys in a funny fashion?

ok so at our school we rent seniors and make them dress up and do embarassing things. i need embarrassing clothing and costume ideas like any too too’s or something? I would prefer Ideas for a group of 7-9 ppl to all match or each individually be funny. Also need ideas for things for them to do for me. (etc, play a boombox following me around, carry my stuff, sing songs while escorting me to class) any ideas ?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Make them wear bras or bikini’s on outside, have a tampon hanging out, have them wear eyeliner and makeup. They could talk to you like they’re your bff.

David asks…

what are some funny group costume ideas?

every fall, our school lets the seniors dress up the underclassmen during homecoming week. basically, seniors dress themselves up “good” and dress the underclassmen up “bad”, all according to a theme. im a senior this year and i need some ideas… last year we did grandparents and their children, the year before we did swine flu and nurses… any suggestions?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Money and debt

Daniel asks…

Clever / funny dressing up ideas?

Me and my friend need an idea for clever, funny costumes.. for sports relief my year at school gets to dress up as famous groups or duos. We don’t want to do anything boring and obvious like spice girls, we want something original. Some people are going as toothpaste and toothbrush, so we want something quite original like that.
thanks for any ideas! :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Your friend: Ventriloquist

You: Dummy


Charles asks…

I need costume ideas! I am a girl and I am dressing up with my 4 roommates. They are guys! Any ideas?

So I am a girl, and I have 4 roommates. It is my boyfriend and his 3 friends.

We want to incorporate all of us together and come up with a funny group costume idea. Any ideas??

We already thought of Ninja Turtles, but I don’t want to be splinter!! LOL


Halloween costume lion answers:

You should be Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz and your four boys can be the Scarecrow, Tin-man, Cowardly Lion and Toto.

All night long you can skip around singing. Ha ha!

You could also be a cop and they could be your inmates. That would be fairly simple and fun…

Anyway, good luck and have fun!

Laura asks…

Funny college group portrait idea?

Hi. Im a college sophomore and this year myself and 5 other guys want to get a group portrait together at walmart. We plan to hang this up in our apartment (we are all roomates) for everyone to see and be jealous of.

Originally we were just going to be matching and dress up, but now we want a funny idea. Any suggestions? We are open to anything, like something from a movie, or just something funny/ badass in general.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Keep in mind we will be in a photo studio, just like one of those where you get your family photo done every few years. Really the only thing we have to work with to make it funny is the way we dress, our expressions, and the arrangement of people. Thanks again

Halloween costume lion answers:

Just bring super random props. :)

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