Your Questions About Fun Group Dress Up Ideas

Your Questions About Good Group Dress Up Ideas
May 28, 2012
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May 30, 2012
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Your Questions About Fun Group Dress Up Ideas

George asks…

Whats a famous movie group, that would be fun to dress up as?

for spirit week, we have “Movie Character” day. my friends and i wanna dress as a group and we wanted some ideas! female or male- doesnt matter!

Halloween costume lion answers:

The Three Stooges
The Marx Brothers
Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion
The Breakfast Club
Charlie’s Angels
Scarlett, Ashley, Melanie, and Rhett

Helen asks…

What are twin day ideas?

My group of friends (about 10-15 girls) have spirit day next week!!!!
We cannot figure out how to dress up and we dont wanna be the typical boring “dress the same” group. so what are sme fun GROUP ideas that we can do?!

Halloween costume lion answers:

I think you should each dress up as a building block and each put you initial on one side and the other on the back or you could all be a type of candy like gummy bears or m and ms the candy and you all would be your fave color it would be creative with a touch of you hope i helped and you figure out what you will be!Check out

Sharon asks…

I need a suggestion of a FUN restaurant in the DC area for a big group on my 20th birthday. Ideas?

preferrably on the water, not too expensive, and not too casual (we want to dress up). The more exciting it is, the better!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Waffle house!! Fo sho! There is always plenty of entertainment there… The juke box, the cooks, the waitresses, and if you go after midnite the customers will never let you down….!!!

Linda asks…

a friend and i are dressing up for halloween,we are trying to find fun,inexpensive ways to do so.Any ideas?

We want to have fun and we want a theme. We have been searching for something but nothing has really jumped out. We don’t want it to be something that nobody would understand. And we want it to be eligible for our age group, meaning we don’t want to look like we are trying to show off our boobs or anything haha. but we don’t want to look like the idea was for a 5 year old we both are 14. Help us with some ideas please ?

Halloween costume lion answers:

My friends and i are 15 and one of them is 16 but we’re going as the spice girls :) we’re basically just throwing on some clothes and getting some cheap platform shoes and some of us are getting some cheap wigs from the costume store in the mall. One of my friends already has red hair and the other already has the straight blonde hair so that takes care of hair. But i don’t know, hopefully this helps! :)

Lisa asks…

Fancy dress ideas…?

every year our school have a race for sixth form, groups get challenges and have to go as far as they like, not spending a thing, being sponsered and also raising money, sooo much fun (: So this year i am in a group and everyone dresses up in funny stuff, any ideas? guys in one group are going as bay watch :L any ideas would be good thanks, want some that havent been done before (:

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go in wetsuit and snorkel, neon face paint and tutus, fairy, get a group of friends and go as some zoo animals (tiger, elephant, panda etc.) with face paint. Hope this helps :)

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