Your Questions About Easy Adult Halloween Costumes

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January 2, 2012
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January 14, 2012
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Your Questions About Easy Adult Halloween Costumes

Mandy asks…

What are some easy adult Halloween costumes?

Halloween costume lion answers:


George asks…

What is a quick, easy Halloween costume that I can wear to adult parties? Preferably cheap ideas.?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hit a thrift store and buy a vintage dress.

Carol asks…

What would be an easy but different halloween costume for an adult party?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Dirty laundry- get a laundry basket and cut out the bottom to step into- make some kind of suspenders to help hold it up over your shoulders, fill with old clothes hanging all over, take an empty detergent bottle and cut off bottom and wear it as a hat

Sandy asks…

What’s a good, easy adult costume appropriate for work setting?

I work in a financial institution and we need to dress up for Halloween. I’m looking for a simply costume that I can put together with things from home.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Clown is always easy – little extra make up and some flamboyant clothes from the back of the closet.

Draw on some whiskers and wear black – you’re a cat

Some well decorated cardboard and a dollar bill and you’re an ATM

Cut some gum (like Trident White) and stick it on your canine teeth and you can be a vampire

Daniel asks…

Halloween costume? Easy ten points?

I’m looking for an adult size football player costume for Halloween, as the actual equipment is too expensive for only Halloween (since I don’t play football). I found a lot of child’s costumes so I’m surprised I can’t find any adult or at least large sizes. This is pretty important for me so serious answers and possibly links would be appreciated!

Halloween costume lion answers:

For a jersey you can find a cheap one at any sports store (or you could use sharpies on a white shirt to make a home-made jersey). Fir padding you can just use cardboard and foam (cut out the shape & size you need then duct tape foam to it to make it look rounded). For the helmet all you need it a regular helmet and bend some wire coat hangers to make the thong across the mouth and tape them on!!!

John asks…

Halloween costume for adult?

I need a good idea for a quick, easy costume for a “fall party” at our church tomorrow. I want something really unique. Any ideas? Can’t be scary or bad. It’s church after all. I don’t really agree with the reasoning, but oh well. I just got drafted to help.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Get a man’s shirt and stuff the arms and shoulders and put it over your head to look like a headless tall guy.

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