Your Questions About Creative Halloween Costumes For Women

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October 3, 2011
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October 8, 2011
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Your Questions About Creative Halloween Costumes For Women

Jenny asks…

What is a creative group Halloween costume for 3 women?

Two of my friends and I want to do a group themed costume for Halloween. We are in our mid 20s and want something creative and fun. Doesn’t have to be a famous trio but something that we could do as a group, preferably not actually physically attached to each other. If it something we don’t have to get an actual store bought costume that is even better!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Online Halloween store Sewing patterns below for 3 women. You can get the fabric from Joann’s Fabric.

Helen asks…

Festive, original Halloween costume for women?

I need a creative costume for Halloween, I’m open to any suggestion even gory costumes or some sort, but I don’t want to be a celebrity or a video game character..or an inanimate object. I’d greatly appreciate it!

Halloween costume lion answers:

………… soon as I saw your Avatar………. I thought…….

Spanish Flamenco Dancer……. Or Argentine… Gaucho or gaucho-ette as the case may be…..maybe in a Tango gown … I see you in a western hat dressed in black……. With silver accessorizes

Robert asks…

Shouldn’t there be slutty costumes for men too?!?

When a guy wears a funny or creative costume for Halloween he’s applauded, but when a girl does it people are like “Haha, what a dork.” The only costumes society and the media say is acceptable for us are the slutty ones.

I think men should wear slutty revealing costumes too! It’s not fair. I know it’s tough, that’s just how it is for women, but I’m just saying there should be some for men too, it would be interesting.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Yeah ;) ur right
but, there r some….like
a warrior

or adam (the 1st man, which is pretty much naked)

or tarzan

and also super heroes……..



happy halloween!

George asks…

why do a lot of girls dress like prostitutes for halloween?

I’m mostly talking about teens, young adults and older usually have adorable costumes but older girls like to wear sexy costumes that make them look like streetwalkers and it’s rare to see a lot of women wearing scary costumes, but guys seems to be the most creative in their costumes?! why? what do you think? explain. also, is your halloween considered cute, sexy or scary? thanks.
meant to say is your halloween *costume* considered cute, sexy or scary:)
do you think these girls are conservative and wait for halloween to dress extra scandalous or they probably always dress sexy on a daily basis?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Living vicariously through their costumes, I suppose.

Steven asks…

WOMEN: Why Dress Up Like A Whore For Halloween?

Why not wear a costume that’s, ohhh I don’t know… SCARY or CREATIVE instead of simply trying to get attention? Seriously, don’t you have any self-respect than to wear something that’s almost nothing… What is the point?

Please, for the sake of the children that look up to grown-ups
Set a good example and don’t lower yourself as a person.
nml – So if your costume is only for your man, then that means you do not wear it in public, amirite?
**Princess_87** – Please don’t generalize, don’t lump me in with those grunts… Notice that I didn’t say anything like “all women

Also, the “DON’T LOOK” response is SO ignorant.. My point is that it sets a bad example… I care because I should… The question is, Why DON’T you care?
ZCT – Nobody appointed me judge of good taste, but if it WERE so good, then why don’t they dress like that every day??

I like halloween, but if I wanted to see strippers, I’d go to a strip club.

Also, free speech and free dress is a myth… If you’re going to make a stand, be prepared to accept the consequences.

Halloween costume lion answers:

I think its ok to dress like that at a adult holloween party. But when your on the street with your kids or someone elses kids women should not dress like that. Besides, most states it pretty cold out by the time Halloween comes around.

Mandy asks…

what are you gonna be for halloween?

One year, I was a Japanese woman wearing a kimono from Japan & chopsticks in my hair bun w/ a kabuki white face.
My teacher in elementary school was dressed as a California raisin wearing a big black trash bag filled w/ papers creating a wrinkley affect as a dried grape. It was a cheap and creative costume.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Dragging out my Vader cape and mask for yet another year. I am almost tall enough to make a very convincing Darth Vader.

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