Your Questions About Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Your Questions About Couples Halloween Costume Ideas Original
October 29, 2012
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November 1, 2012
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Your Questions About Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

John asks…

Good couple halloween costume ideas?

I need help with this one. I have never dressed up as a couple and want us to have a good halloween costume. I need help with some ideas.

We are both 27.

Halloween costume lion answers:

For couple costumes :
-Pirate and Tavern Girl
-Wizard and Witch
-Racer boy and Racer girl
-Basketball player and Slam Dunk girl
-Boxer and Boxer girl
-Dorothy and Glinda
-Bacon and Eggs
-Wilma and Betty: Flintstones
-Daphne and Velma: Scooby Doo
-Dog and Dog Catcher
-Hera and Aphrodite: Greek Mythology
-Fate and Medusa: Greek Mythology
-Mickey and Minnie Mouse
-Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck
-Angel and Devil
-Angel and Dark Angel
-Devil and Demon
-Spoon and Fork (lol)

For two teenage girls :
Scooby Doo – Daphy and Velma
Twilight – Esme Bella Alice Rosalie
Batgirl and Robin
Wilma and Pebbles
Blueberry and Raspberry girl
Sailor and Pirate
Prisoner and Police Officer
Bumble Bee and Lady Bug

Hope this help.

Sandy asks…

I need help for couple halloween costume ideas?

okay, so my boyfriend has long hair, down below his ears. he has very dark brown hair, and has tan skin.
I am half mexican, and have tan skin and long curly dark brown hair…

we were thinking tarzan and jane but he doesn’t want to walk around half naked. :p

any ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

1920s mafia gangsters

Jenny asks…

Ideas for a couples halloween costume?

I am native so I am tanned and my boyfriend is white…we have a son and I already ordered him a teddy bear costume
I don’t know what me and my boyfriend can be though..any ideas??

Halloween costume lion answers:

Park rangers or zoo keepers
Dress like you are going on a picnic (teddy bear picnic)
Or maybe a referee, a cheer leader or football player and your son…you’d be the Chicago Bears?

Ruth asks…

What are some good Halloween costume ideas?

I need so good couples costume ideas. I don’t know what to do for my boyfriend and I. I looked online at but I want to do something different. Have any ideas or other online sites?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Cop & Prisoner
Fred & Wilma
Basketball Player & Referee
Jon & Kate Gosslein
Dog & Cat
Adam & Eve

Hope this helps!!!

BTW Could you put the one you use as the best answer?

Mark asks…


looking for a good idea for a couples costume.. who’s got some fun ideas!?? come on HELP ME!!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Dorthy and Toto :o) Mimi and Roger (from Rent) Elphaba and Fieryo (from Wicked) OOH! You could be pirates! Or Tinker Bell and Peter Pan:) hope this helped!

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