Your Questions About Couples Halloween Costume Ideas Original

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October 28, 2012
Your Questions About Couples Halloween Costume Ideas
October 31, 2012
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Your Questions About Couples Halloween Costume Ideas Original

Joseph asks…

In need of super cute couple costume ideas for Halloween?! Something original!!!?

I want to match with my boyfriend & I want it to be super cute but not common like a prince & princess! Something original yet adorable! Any ideas???
Thanks so much!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Cowboy and Indian.

Betty asks…

Original but not dumb Halloween costume ideas.?

My friend and I are 14 year old girls. We aren’t really looking for couples or the same costume, but any ideas will work. We want a lot of ideas! But not ones you buy at a store, because those are cheesy and lame.

Halloween costume lion answers:

U could go as thing 1 and thing 2

Ruth asks…

couple halloween costume for school dance?

okay, it’s called masquerade. but it’s we don’t even have to have masks or any of that its just a halloween party pretty much. but the girls invite the guys, and they have to dress to match eachother. for example.. one of my friends is going as william and kate. but i want to do something original. and im stuck. any ideas? i have brown hair and he has blondish brownish hair. were both white. haha, if that helps.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Batman and Catwoman ;D

Superman and Lois Lane

Mario and Princess Peach

Cinderella and Prince Charming :)

(Or any other Disney Princess)

Romeo and Juliet! :DD

Adam and Eve…? :P

Spider Man and Mary Jane! (:

Batman and Robin is always a choice, too! (:

and that’s all I got xP

Hope this helps!

Paul asks…

Cute, original halloween costumes?

Hi, I’m trying to come up with a good halloween costume to wear. I want something cute.. NOT something trashy or revealing. I want it to be original but it doesn’t have to be. The more ideas the better. I was tihnking of maybe being Minnie Mouse, but I know a couple of people that are going to be her. I don’t want really little kiddy costumes, like a princess or anything. Just something cute and appropriate. Thanks for your ideas :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Be a bunny, i was one last year, i wore denim shorts with skin tone pantyhose because it was kinda cold, white tank top, and red converse, then i bought a bunny set from a costume store, and attached the tail to the shorts, and it came with ears and bow tie

fairy- either a good one with the colours pink, blue, green or a dark one using red and black colours, and you just have to buy the wings

school girl- get a plaid skirt, white blouse, knee high socks

Sandra asks…

Costume ideas for a sixteen year old?

i want a really nice costume for halloween and i know it’s early its just that last year i got in trouble and i didn’t even get to celebrate halloween and its my favorite holiday
:( so i want some ideas for costumes i want something really original and a little bit sexy…… don’t kill me because i wont be wearing it to school or anything just to a couple of halloween parties and i have never had anything like that before so i figured why not

i just want it to be really nice

Halloween costume lion answers:

Sexy crayon
sexy soda can

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