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December 1, 2011
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December 13, 2011
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Your Questions About Costume Lion

Richard asks…

I need help finding a cowardly lion costume?

I’m the Cowardly Lion in a production and I am responsible for getting my own costume. This needs to be the best lion costume, but all I’ve seen online were some really ugly costumes. Can someone help me?

Also, Im about 5’6 (female) if this helps at all.

Halloween costume lion answers:


Please find the link given below for cowardly lion costumes.

I am sure you will like the costume.

Susan asks…

what is the costume of lion dance made of?

the things used to make the costume of lion dance,that’s the thing I need to know.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Most of the costumes I’ve seen for the Chinese Lion Dance were a grouping of normal silk materials, multilayered with gold, red, orange, pink, yellow and white colors.

The masks were made of fabric or perhaps molded plastic with paint for the various colors.

Best wishes. Try purchasing an inexpensive mask and add wild colors for the clothing.

Ken asks…

where can i find a lion costume for a young adult?

for halloween i want to be a lion, because i have really long frizzy blonde hair….and i was going to tease it and have like lions hair….but i need a costume for like young adults or probably adults because i am really tall(5’9) and i dont know where to get a costume like that???? please help!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Here are a few..

Laura asks…

Halloween Costume Ideas for a family of 3, with a baby as a lion?

I have a 3 month old son.. He’ll be about 8 months at Halloween. Today we bought a Lion halloween costume for him for $2!! So now I’d like to come up with an idea so that my husband and me and my son are all part of a theme costume…The best thing would be something that could be easily made, becuase I don’t want to spend tons of money.
Any great ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

I would suggest a circus theme for Halloween.

Clown costumes are pretty easy to make, you just have to look crazy. Try pajama pants with loafers, suspenders, and a crazy frilly thrift-store shirt. If you decide to have your husband dress as the clown, don’t let him be afraid of the ladies’ section, as we have much more flamboyant patterns (for the most part).

You could do a ring leader with a red vest over a white shirt, black pants, white gloves, and a top hat.

A lion-tamer can be easily made from any beige shirt and cargo pants. Try to think of a traditional safari, and then add either a small wooden chair or a whip. The chair is more family friendly, but it might get tiring to hold after a while. If you do decide to use a whip, you can tie a piece of red ribbon around it while it’s curled up, rendering it unusable to “peace tie” it.

If you end up running short on time (which I’m sure you won’t) you could also have a bearded lady. Either you could get an Abe Lincoln type beard, or you could find a dress to stuff your husband into (the worse fitting the sillier). He would have to have to grow a natural beard, but even a short one would do well.

James asks…

How can I make a coronation costume that looks like Lucy’s from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?

I’m interested in making Lucy’s coronation costume from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I’m wondering if I can get the pattern and tips for this.

Halloween costume lion answers:


Ruth asks…

what should i have for my sexy lion costume?

well, lioness actually.
i have no idea what the costume is going to look like,just my makeup and hair :(
what should i do for the costume?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Dont worry, il come and dress you. ;)

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