Your Questions About Costume Lion Tamer

Your Questions About Costume Lion King
October 3, 2011
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October 5, 2011
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Your Questions About Costume Lion Tamer

Betty asks…


What shirt can I get cheap to wear for my costume? And do you have pics? ((((((:


Halloween costume lion answers:

I went to the ringling bros. Circus about 3 months ago. The ringmaster was wearing a black tux with red/yellow/orange flames on it! I think something like that would be very easy to find online or in a goth store. Maybe do google images for ringmaster? Check out the preview on the link, and you can see what he wears, but you have to pay attention! I can’t seem to find a still image, but I will keep looking!

Charles asks…

lion tamer 4 halloween???????????????????

i hav decided to b a lion tamer 4 halloween. im gonna make my costume. i think i’ll buy a black pencil skirt, white ruffle or plain white shirt, red acket and a hedband at claires with a top hat on it. any links to were i can get these items (besides the claires 1) or wat would be better to use 4 a lion tamer?? plz HELP!

Halloween costume lion answers:

I’m going to go with the other idea of the shorts with tights, more practical and if you’re going out it won’t be as cold! Shorts and tights from either walmart, garage or superstore (If you’re not wanting to spend much) same thing for the ruffled top. As for the red jacket I’d check out thrift stores, they always seem to have plenty of colourful jackets (If you’re not set on the red). As for the top hat try spencers gifts or if you want to just rent one any tux shop should have them for relatively cheap.

Good luck, and I love the idea =)

Lizzie asks…

Which Halloween costume is the best?

Which costume out of these 6 costumes do you like, and tell me why you like it please. Be very descriptive. I am 14 by the way, but I don’t look like it.

Halloween costume lion answers:

I was going to say the Lion Tamer, but it says that it’s not available.
I think that the Spanish Lolita and both Geisha costumes are the best. I just think they are more unique than the standard cheerleader costume and I think they’re a lot cuter.

James asks…

What are some good couples costume ideas?

my boyfriend and i were a lion me and him the lion tamer last year and it was hilarious … this year we want to do something fun again, any good ideas ? Thanks !

Halloween costume lion answers:

My husband was going to be a doctor and I was going to be a nurse, but I wasn’t able to find a nurse costume that wasn’t slutty. So instead I’m going to be a dead patient with a cut throat and my husband is going to be a psycho killer doctor.

Laura asks…

what are good costume ideas for a circus themed dance?

i already know : ring master, lion tamer,

but what other people are in a circus?
/what are good ideas for a costume?


thanks :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Tightrope walkers
Guy on the unicycle
The guy who gets shot out of the canon
The stilt walker

Mark asks…

What would be a cool halloween costume for a teen girl?

Heyy! A bunch of my friends are having a halloween party. Anyway i want to dress up as something totally EPIC!!!! I am in 8th grade now….if that helps at all. :P soo, no princesses or tv charaters or anything like that please. And last year i really wanted to be a lion tamer but couldnt :'( hopefully that gets you off on the right path….thanks!!! (links help)

Halloween costume lion answers:


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