Your Questions About Costume Lion Mane

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November 10, 2011
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Your Questions About Costume Lion Mane

Mary asks…

does anyone know how to make a lion mane costume for dogs?

trying to make a costume for my dog before Halloween comes along

Halloween costume lion answers:

Get some stretchy elastic and lots and lots of felt. Look in craft stores like Michael’s or Google where to find it. The felt should be red and orange, maybe even a little yellow. Cut the felt into strips and hot glue them onto the elastic – the more the better so it’s fluffy. Make sure the elastic fits around the dog’s head (don’t stick it around the neck like a collar, it wouldn’t look right) but not too tightly.

Voila, your dog is a lion!

George asks…

How to make a lion’s mane costume?

For Halloween I want my dog to be a lion. But I don’t know how to make a mane, any ideas? Send me some links!! Thanks :D

Halloween costume lion answers:

Pet shops usually have things like that.
You could go to a fabric store and get a furry peice of fabric and make a necklace type thing out of it.
A lot of blankets have lion maines looking fur. You could cut that up.
Halloween shops have pretend lion maines for peoples neck , maybe you can find one small enough for your dog

Joseph asks…

Help dogs lions mane halloween costume?

i have a giant 120lbs golden retriever i wanted him to be a lion for Halloween but hes just to big so i want to make him a lions mane. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1a

Halloween costume lion answers:

Last year for my great pyr, we got 2 brown feather boas. We turned them into a collar. We also took a bit of one to make a “tip” for his tail. It was pretty cute.

Jenny asks…

I need to find or make a costume like this one? Do you know where i can buy it? or How to make it?

This is the costume that I want for my dog.
any more ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Cheaper way~

Go to your local fabric store and get a yard of fuzzy fabric, yes they have it there. Most stores stock it in dark brown, light brown, orange, black, and white. Just measure how much you need to fit your dog and sew it with a needle and thread. Takes a few minutes. If you want it more elaborate you could cut out holes for the legs with an exacto knife or razor blade. Hope that helps!

Betty asks…

does anyone know where i can find one of these?

hi, i want to dress my dog up as a lion for holloween. Kasey is a golden retriever so i think she would be perfect as a little lion. does anyone know where i can get the lion mane costume? not a hoodie lion mane costume, just the mane part. kind of like these.


The 6 Best Dog Costumes On The Internet

preferably just like one of these. thanks! i’ve looked everywhere but just can’t seem to find it…

Halloween costume lion answers:

Looks like the owner was creative enough to get faux fur at a fabric store and make it themselves.

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know what kind of fur this is? I want to make a dog costume.?

does anyone know what kind of fur this is? I want to make this costume for my dog but I cant find this fur anywhere… Its to long to be fuax fur. lionmane.jpg

Halloween costume lion answers:

Its still faux fur, just a different texture/length of it.

Try a regualr craft/fabric shop like Jo-Anne fabrics.. There would be a wider selection of furs availalbe, expecially this time of year.


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