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November 21, 2011
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Your Questions About Costume Lion Dance

James asks…

Anyone know where is a good place to buy a competition southern lion dance costumes set?

I want to join a national competition of lion dancing, and I need the best southern lion dancing costumes set. Thank you.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Here is the place that my Chinese friends in Zhen Xing Lion Dance Troupe who have won national award recommend, the traditional craftsmen of China Cart have been making lion dance costumes for over 50 years, and the handicraft is the toppest :

They also do custom made lions, and I let them made a phoenix for you last month, and it is amazing!

Their email is Hope this information helps you a lot!

George asks…

Why the lion costume that is use in lion dance has tail and other feature but no P organ.Why the P thing is?

not of the lion design to show the muscularity of the lion.
To Micheal

Google Lion Dance

part of the design

Halloween costume lion answers:

Probably because lion/dragon dance are watched by people of all ages… So its only decent to have a decent costume since its a religious thing for the Chinese.. I don’t think they wanna see a hamsap lion/tiger or dragon dancing around.. Its should be enjoyed by all people not embarrass them

Mary asks…

is it safe to lion dance while pregnant?

I am in a chinese lion dance group and am 7 weeks along. would it be safe to do a performance where i would be moving my arms a lot in shaking motions and jumping while holding a ten pound costume?

Halloween costume lion answers:


Are you kidding?

Sandra asks…

Where can I order top quality dragon dance costumes set?

I need it for the national competition. I also in lion dance competition.

Halloween costume lion answers:

I think the best is to get it make from costume making shop

Susan asks…

What is a good animal costume idea for a dance? A unique one too?

So, my school’s having a “Welcome To The Jungle” dance, and you have to dress up as an animal.
I wanna be something that nobody else will be, so nothing like Zebra, or tiger, or lion, etc.

What is something unique? :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

an aye-aye
the philippine tarsier
sucker-footed bat
star-nosed mole
sun bear
saki monkey
and more…

Richard asks…

Where can i find good male lyrical dance costumes?

I am trying to find some male dance costumes and i can’t find anything. All i can find is stuff from the 80s or super super gay. Where can i buy costumes like you see on SYTYCD? I love the denim pants that Kent and Robert always wore last season on So You Think You Can Dance but i can’t find anything even close to similar. Any help? I am also in a Lion King number so i need to find a african looking costume. Any suggestions would be helpful….

Halloween costume lion answers:

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