Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Guys

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January 10, 2012
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January 15, 2012
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Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Guys

George asks…

Cheap Nicki MInaj Halloween Costume Ideas?

I’m looking for some ideas on how to dress like Nicki Minaj for halloween…I need pieces of clothing that are easy to find that might resemble something she has worn. I’m hoping to get a Barbie Necklace…and I’ll be getting a pink wig…I just need some outfit ideas,and maybe makeup…Links and pics would be great! Thanks guys!

Halloween costume lion answers:

I think you should get some really shiny leggings in any colour like this
and if you want you can stuff your pants with something to complete her look (big butt)
Also wear some sparky heels (nicki minaj likes really sparkly things)
Some cuffs and really sparkly chunky jewelery.
Maybe wear a pink corset with a jacket on top
for makeup and remember to wear a really light pink lipstick
hope this helped :)

Paul asks…

Halloween Costume Ideas?

Who has some fun, easy, and cheap costume ideas for Halloween?

Preferably for a guy :-P

Halloween costume lion answers:

Clark Kent

Superman shirt under a suit with dress shirt open and tie half off. Black rim glasses and a fedora. Phone booth optional. ;+)

Have fun

Robert asks…

Halloween costume Ideas for guys?

I am 22 years old and broke…so I would like something simple for a halloween costume that wouldn’t be expensive at all. Something creative would be nice. I am 6’1″ and about 155. Athletic body and all. I don’t care to show some skin or whatever, but it’s cold here so not too much. That’s not a must, but i thought i should mention it incase anyone has ideas that are like that. Also, I will be going to bars so something easy to walk around in would be nice. creative and cheap are my main concerns!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Nerd, glasses suspenders ect.
rock star
girl, probably the cheapest adn funniest
so many options try going to thrift stores or something where there are cheap0 stuff and put something together…it doesn’t have to be anything u could even go as poser or something

Joseph asks…

I am a guy and have a black wig, its straight w/ bangs, any cheap costume ideas?

Theres a costume contest for a Halloween Party so be creative? Any ideas? Im up for anything.. its a little bit longer than shoulder length hair.

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could be an emo

Susan asks…

Halloween costume ideas for a 6 foot mixed guy?

Halloween is so close and I’m the only person of my friends without a costume. I’m 6 foot, black short hair, mixed, and skinny. I need somethig kinda of cheap

Halloween costume lion answers:

Old Spice guy.

Lisa asks…

Hmmmmm halloween costume ideas?

Ok I’m 14, a guy, thin, and want a really cool Idea for a costume I don’t feel like buying a full costume what are some cheap cool ideas?
I want it to be orginal to!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

1.lawn: dress all in green and stick a plastic flamingo to your head and some flowers. Lol
2.cereal killer: make a costume and make it look like a cereal box and but fake blood and a plastic knife through it.. Get me?

Hope my weird ideas helped (: !!

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