Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls

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February 25, 2012
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February 28, 2012
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Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls

Ken asks…

SPooky, unique, cheap, DIY Halloween costume ideas for teen girls? ?

Halloween costume lion answers:

My friend got a large cardboard box, painted it black, cut out one side, then covered covered the hold in that side in seran wrap, slid the cut-off side in a bit further back, and taped candy bars and chipd to the inside and was a vending machine- it was awesome!! :D

Mandy asks…

Cheap halloween costume ideas?

Well im a girl and im 13. Ive only got about 20-30$$ and i dont know what to be for halloween. So please help. 10 points or whatever.
p.s. im new to this so i dont get this yet so help me out with question.
thankss (:

Halloween costume lion answers:

A zombie. Just get a shirt you won’t mind ripping up. Take a pair of scissors and snip the heck out of it. Make blood with red and blue food coloring with some water. Spread all over shirt. Maybe use some eyeliner and make some stitches on your forehead. Wear some skinny jeans and you’re ready to go. Unless you want to go for that original bed sheet ghost. ;)

Mary asks…

Cheap & easy teen girl Halloween costume ideas?

I’m 5’7″ medium length brown hair and am not a real skinny girl. I need some ideas on what to do for Halloween. I’ve been a vampire, 60’s girl, and a hippie. I’ve racked my brain for hours for something to be. I need an idea that’s cheap and as inexpensive as possible! And thanks to anyone who can give me ideas!
ok so i made that sound kinda wierd. what i ment was i have a tight budget and i need some ting that’s a good idea that doesn’t cost alot…

Halloween costume lion answers:

Dress as a turd and wear a brown jumpsuit

Lizzie asks…

I need halloween costume ideas~?

I want a cool, somewhat easy, and cheap costume idea for halloween. I’m 14 and Im a super band geek. I love music, anything music related. I also like anything cutesy, or clever. I’d like either an idea for me, or an idea for me and my friend (she’s a girl and has the same likes as me)

Danke’ ! :D

Halloween costume lion answers:


Donald asks…

(UK) Halloween costume ideas please for teenage girl! Need help!?

I’m going to a halloween party of sixteen to eighteen year olds. I need a super cheap costume idea that’ll grab Attentions but that isn’t super slutty.
Also schoolgirl isn’t really the right thing, but i was thinking about being a female soldier, so throw anything at me guys!

I also don’t mind sewing or adding to the outfit, as long as it’s minimal price.


Halloween costume lion answers:

You could be a bridezilla or if you want to be more macho you could be a vampire or a witch if you want something traditional.
Hope this helps

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