Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes
February 14, 2012
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February 17, 2012
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Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

Paul asks…

Halloween costume ideas?

My son (2) and I need costumes for a couple parties we are attending, and then trick or treating. my hubby said to just decide what we want to be… but i don’t know! any cheap, easy ideas for costumes??

Halloween costume lion answers:

A bunch of grapes. Get green or purple sweat suits then blow up a bunch of balloons (green or purple)blow them up and pin them to the sweats, you can wear the sweats again and the balloons are cheap have fun!! Or use different colored balloons and be a gumball machine

Sharon asks…

Ideas for a Halloween Party?

Okay…I am FREAKING OUT. I am hosting a Halloween Party, and I just thought it was going to be a small party for me and a couple of my friends….but I was oh so terribly wrong…as far as I can count now there are about 30 or 40 people coming! There are a couple of problems I face now with the money I have…..Please try your best and answer my following questions

1. What should we do at the party? I mean can i just put up strobe lights and dance the whole time? If no, give me some NON-BABYISH games for large groups (CHEAP)

2. Any cool CHEAP Halloween Decoration ideas? Like homemade….but I want them scary…i already have strobe lights and i’m getting a fog machine, that’s as much money as I have…so any cool decoration ideas?

3. Snack Ideas? Like My Mom is going to make orange cupcakes with black spiders on them. Now i need some other snackish ideas u can just grab and go, and also drink ideas?

4. Okay its obvious that the host needs a RRC! *Really Rocking Costume* And there are a couple problems…i have no money…and have NO Idea want i wanna be! I wanna be something really scary, or really funny. i wud prefer not to wear a mask and or face paint. any ideas?

The party is OUTDOORS, i have a very small house, and a large backyard, outside party! sorry

Halloween costume lion answers:

1. Do you have a Playstation or Wii? It’s so fun to play those dance games at a party, its not babyish adults do it all the time- and its great in strobe lighting with the music loud. If not, put MTV on and turn out the lights. You could play truth or dare, which is always a favorite, or the “Never Have I Ever” drinking game. Where you say, for example, “Never have I ever kissed a girl” and everybody who has takes a drink and those who haven’t don’t.

2. You could print off some photos of like horror movie characters and staple them side to side to make banners. If not, carve some pumpkins and put candles in them around the house. This will add some make-out ambiance and stuff. It’s difficult to be scary with Halloween decorations. The strobe light and fog machine sound good enough. Try this site for ideas:

3. Candy corn is a must! Bowl of chips or popcorn is good too. The multicolored popcorn is the best, you can get it at the dollar store. The cupcakes sound good, get some cheap soda as I assume there will be no alcohol. Mountain Dew is good because of it’s color.

4. I’m going as a Nerd. But like, slutty nerd haha. I’m wearing a blazer, suspenders, glasses, short shirt and ripped tights with red lipstick and hair in braids. But I don’t know how old you are, so if you’re under 15 I don’t recommend it! But, you want to be really scary so you could go as a vampire, which is easy considering how Twilight makes vampires look so normal. Or you could go as a classic witch.

Nancy asks…

Halloween Costume Question?

Hello everyone! This year for Halloween my high school is having a dance where each couple dresses up.. My friends and I were thinking of going as cowboys and indians and were wondering what is a good cheap way to dress like an indian? Also if you have a better idea of what we should be instead that would be great as well! Thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go to a fabric store and you could do your costume and go to walt-mart to get feathers and stuff to accessorize your indian costume in the 99 cents store they have guns and bow and arrows :)

Daniel asks…

Creepy Halloween Class Party! Let’s here some of those Ideas!?

My class was asked to create a scary funhouse for the school + parents who will come around in the room. Our teacher, though, sort of made it into something else. We will have, as the main attraction, a person being oporated on by 3 doctors (all in costume). That patient will have like lasagna noddels and fake blood and fake guts, all over him/her (including fake bugs.) At another corner we will have a couple of people eating dinner at a wacky table, but the catch is the one of the chairs will be the electric chair, which we will make, wacky food with bugs and maggots all over it, and much more decoration all around + teacher is doing something will dry ice.AT another corner will be what we will call the mystery boxes.There will be 4 boxes with pull down lids, and inside of them will be goouy slimy things including noddels, brains, a grabbing hand, and other things. The last section (all of) us madscientists doing r thing.Any ideas that are safe, nonstaining, and cheap that r kool?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Sounds pretti darn good to me for a school! But u could add a fog machine for a spookier environment, and oh! Include scary music, just get lik a cd from party city (u can get fog machines at party city too) or just burn a cd full of spooky sounds. Both of those items should be under or just at $20, but its ur options! I hope this helped! Good luck and i’m sure everyone will love it! God bless and luv to u

Donna asks…

Inexpensive ideas for fun me and my boyfriend can do?

Well on friday we’d have been dating 6 months but it always seems like we have nothing to do, and have no ideas. We make tye dye shirts and spray paint things, recently made our own halloween costumes together, I guess you could say we like arts and crafts? What are some fun cheap things we could make or buy from a local dollar store to entertain us?

By the way, we’re young and get bored easily, I don’t want little pre-k ideas for stuff. And we’re kind of an odd couple, punk-ish we don’t want to make our own favorite football team shirts, fuck dat shit. Thanks!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

What i do is i make my girlfriend a music video with a whole shit load of my pictures with one of our songs in the background. The soft ware is movee maker

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