Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Adults

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May 1, 2012
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Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Adults

Sharon asks…

Help with Halloween costume ideas?

So I’m a teenage girl and for Halloween, I want to be a sexy(but not too sexy since im only a teen) leopard. I LOVE this costume and tried it on and absolutely looove it…

but…my parents wont let me get it because its really expensive.
I was wondering if you guys know…
1) of a cheap but cute website for leopard costumes
2)ways to make my own leopard costume for rly cheap but still be cute and sexy

Halloween costume lion answers:

Cat: cat ears, black lace shirt, black high waisted skirt, leopard cat ears. Makeup: winged eyeliner, cat nose&wiskers, red lip

Sexy angel: bedazzled bra or bustier, High waisted white skirt or shorts, makeup: winged eye with glitter at the ends extedibg the wing, light pink lip

Sexy devil: ^ same only with red. (cute to match with friend ex. You devil friend angel) makeup: same with red glitter eyeliner and red lip. Devil horns.

Skeleton: skeleton tights (walmart has them for $3!) white cut out shirt in shape of skeleton (DIY, just google cut out skull shirt) or bedazzled bra or bustier!

Tap out girl: sports bra and spandex shorts with gloves!

Sailor moon: $60 at hot topic

Nancy asks…

What to wear for halloween that’s cheap, simple and will make my crush’s eyes pop?

For halloween we’re having an adult Halloween party, now i’m 16 so im not up for dressing in mini lycra nurses outfits and all that anne summers related costumes. I’m only gonna be in the kitchens so i dont want anything fancy or expensive because its only for a few hours. i was thinking about buying devil horns, tail and pitchfork and wearing all black but i need more idea’s! something sexy because i work with a guy who i want to catch his attention but nothing too obvious. i dont want anything short because i’m a size 14/16 and dont have the best legs my best feature is my boobs so i dont mind cleaveage etc beause i know they send him crazy


Halloween costume lion answers:

Hmm, you can get like tight black pants that show off your a$$, a tight short cat face shirt, or just like a plain cat color shirt, or something, and cat ears. I would suggest no bra, but you don’t wanna be too obvious LOL. I’d go crazy if my GF did that. And now that I have the idea hehehehe..

Mark asks…

What should I do for a halloween costume?

Well, last year I was a dead doll, and if I can’t find anything, I’ll do that again.
This year me and my family are broke, so, $30 is considered a lot for a costume, considering I’ll wear it once or a few more times, (depending on the costume)
I’m a teen, but I usually get adult girl costumes, it’s just easier.
I’m thinking of being,
something steam-punk
A pirate
or a black cat.

The steam-punk is something that is -really- cool, but also…really expensive. Pirates my 2nd choice, and I could piece something together but it would suck, or just a simple black cat. Really cheap, but at least it’s a costume!! :DD
Those are my 3 top choices,
Which one do you think I should use?
And do you have any recommended sites or even exact costumes?
If you have other ideas for costumes, go ahead and add!!
I’ll go around $10-$45/$50

Halloween costume lion answers:

Try eBay, it might have some cheap costumes that are usually expensive on there. And I would choose steam punk or like maybe cat woman.

Michael asks…

What is the best costume shop in NYC?

halloween is coming!! lol ok so i have a budget of $40-$50 for my costume, so i’m looking for something cheap but good and sexy. I’m looking for a teen or adult costume. please don’t say party city

costume ideas will help also? thanks

Halloween costume lion answers:

Rubie’s Costume Shop

YOu can go as Spongebob, it would be so funny if you had a friend who could go as Patrick..that would be so hilarious.

Lizzie asks…

Costume ideas for a teen girl?

So I’m going to this Halloween party in a few weeks but I don’t know what to dress up as I wanted to be a celebrity but all the ones I want to dress up as either have bad reputations or a lot of adults don’t know who they are. I was going to go as a rapper/gangster but my mom wants me to be something else then I had an idea to be an iPod and take a box and make it look like an iPod but I don’t want to wear a box all night. I don’t want to spend 50 dollars on a costume I want something cheap cute and not slutty but a little sexy cuz there is going to be this super hot guy there. So basically it needs to pass my moms test of being appropriate.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Vampire –

Alice (in Wonderland) –

Lil Red Riding Hood –

Gypsy –

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