Your Questions About Cat Halloween Costumes For Women

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October 8, 2011
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October 11, 2011
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Your Questions About Cat Halloween Costumes For Women

Laura asks…

Where can I find a cat woman Halloween costume?

metallic black leggings, all leather jumpsuit, and other stuff for a cat woman outfit? HELP

Halloween costume lion answers:

I doubt you’ll find metallic black leggings or an all-leather jumpsuit. I would recommend looking at a costume store, but those outfits can get a little pricey and don’t necessarily fit.

Instead, get a tight black shirt, a fierce pair of black heels, and some black leggings. Use some heavy black paper, tape, and a headband to make yourself a pair of cat ears. If you want, you can draw on whiskers or pin on a tail, but don’t forget to wear a mask!

David asks…

Does anyone know where I can find a realistic cat woman costume for Halloween?

I’m looking for the one that was worn in Batman.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Look under your local yellow pages under costumes.

Chris asks…

I want to get the cat women costume that Julie Newmar wore for Halloween. Any one know where I can find this?

Halloween costume lion answers:

I have no idea who Julie Newmar is, but I seen 2 nice catwomen costumes here…

Maria asks…

How To Lose 10 Pounds Before Halloween?

Hi! Well, I have high hopes :) for pulling off a Cat Woman :) costume this Halloween. I want to lose 10 pounds in the next month. I have an access to a gym 3 times a week & my problem areas are: love handles :))), thighs & belly :))). Please be specific on what exercise machines I should hit at the gym & how much time should I spent on each. Diet suggestions are welcome :) as well. A star :) for the best answer.

Thank You!

P.S. I am around 5″6 & I weigh 150 pounds.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Increase your cardio by running or using the eliptical 45 -60 minutes per day. Use weights to do squats lunges and overhead presses. ABS twice per day for 10 minutes each. And give up useless carbs.
That should do it.

Sandy asks…

Ideas for halloween costumes in school?

Not full blown costumes but the high school lets us wear costumes as long as they aren’t to crazy and fit the dress code. I go all out for halloween so I’m going to have a costume for parties and halloween, but what could I wear for school? Something cute not really the outfit but like I was thinking a black cat, with the ears and tail, or wonder women (I have the cape, but it’s ripped and a shirt) Any other Ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Be an M&M! I did that one year with two of my friends. We just got red blue and yellow tshirts and used whit fabric paint on them and put m on the front and m on the back and outlined them in glitter then put our initials on the shoulder. And then we bought bandanas that matched our shirts. Just wear it with jeans and converse hope i helped :)

Thomas asks…

Ideas for halloween costumes!!!!!????!!!!?

SO, I have a fairly good idea of what I want to be. However, I really want a costume that I can scrape together (as opposed to going out and buying an official costume). I’ve looked on the internet, but I can’t find that much VARIATION of ideas of how to go about the different costumes below. So even if someone answered about a particular costume you were going to answer about, go for it anyway :)


PRINCESS – I’d use my grad gown for this one and go buy a tiara, fairly simple, but if you think of anything else :)

CAT WOMAN – what if I can’t find really tight black clothes out there?



I really like the idea of a genie and a gypsy…. The problem with the gypsy is finding a good long skirt with a cool pattern, and a good white blouse for the top (wouldn’t mind if it was a shorter top even), and the problem with the genie is again, finding the shorter top, and cool bottoms.
I’m fairly handy with a needle, so go nuts with the creativity!!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

A banshee wear clothing that is like shimmery green or silver and white. Make your hair look disheveled and maybe silver and white with glitter in it (silver and white) and tinsel or garland (again silver or white) you can put flowers and gems in your hair too and some twigs.

You can be Gaia she is the mother earth goddess get a head wreath to wear with lots of flowers and ribbons in your hair a princess or fairy costume for the clothes maybe some temp tatts or just draw them on spiritual symbols or tribal or runes.

A faery just need wings you can wear pants or a dress or skirt depends on what you want or if it is cold. Make them your style maybe add glitter. Wings are pretty easy to find or you can make your own with wire and a mesh like material. You can also make your own head wreath with some wire and flowers and greenery and ribbons add glitter again if you like. Maybe make a “dark faery”

a fifties girl some saddle shoes ankle socks folded over a long “poodle” skirt like mid calf that is very twirly a soft sweater or sweater set or a blouse put your hair in a pony tail with a scarve and wear a smaller scarf around your wrist

a cowgirl skirt or pants some boots a checked shirt vest a cowboy hat

if going with friends you can all dress up like babies with onesies jammies with the feet baby bottles maybe a bib and a bonnett and pacifiers

dress like dorothy get some red shoes if you can’t find any glittering red shoes you can use glue and red glitter a white blouse and a blue and white checked skirt with suspenders made of the same material braid two pig tails tie with ribbon and carry a picnic basket

an angel again wear what suits you pants skirt and top or dress make white and silver or gold get some wings or again make your own with wire and mesh cloth preferably white get white feathers and trim with gold andor silver glitter and silver andor gold tinsel or garland also make a halo with the above mentioned

cat pants or skirt with tights and blouse or dress however you feel comfortable a headband with kitty ears you can buy a cat nose with whiskers a collor of some type like a choker necklace wear mittens on your hands for “paws’ and a tail.

Red riding hood almost like the dorothy costume just add a red cloak or cape with a hood

how about NYX goddess of the night clothing should be dark but shimmery you can add glitter dark ribbons in hair plus some clear gems in hair you can add some dark flowers or a head wreath with dark flowers and ribbons get a pair of dark fairy wings if you want to add that head wreath and wings you can make yourself wings make shimmery add gems like for stars

ISIS white t shirt and white skirt or white pants or leggings or tights with a long white tulle skirt or tutu with glitter maybe a white corset or bustier a head wreath glitter gems in your hair arm bands or wrist bands a necklace that looks egyptian with turquiose orange oh i forget the other color make some ankhs some scarabs

Lilith she is an elemental so earth tones add some sparkle add wings a head wreath hair gems you can go like the banshee with disheveled hair and add some twigs as well add some like hair wreaths but smaller for some arm bands and one around your ankle make those mainly leafy

Valkyrie you can either go with the original dress as a fairy or banshee for the clothes then do some small braids entertwined with ribbons add hair gems use a hair wreath and smaller ones as in the Lilith costume as arm bands and on one ankle make leafy not flowery or go with the traditional two larger braids a horned helmet or just a plain helmet ( not all in viking lore wore horned helmets) maybe something like a xena costume or a roman soldier uniform for the skirt or what you like and a breastplate

a geisha get a long or short oriental robe kimono whatever you feel comfortable in a wig with the hair in an updo get some hairsticks preferably with dangling things on them or make your own add some flowers and hair gems to your hair and a pack or pouch thing (not sure what they are called but you see them on the geisha) white stockings or sandels and thongs for your feet

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