Your Questions About Animal Halloween Costumes For Babies

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February 8, 2012
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February 14, 2012
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Your Questions About Animal Halloween Costumes For Babies

Betty asks…

Where can i find baby mittens or gloves that look like animal paws!?

i bought my 1 year old baby a halloween costume, and it doesnt have any gloves for it, and it gets kinda cold during halloween!…i wanted something to match it, so i needed some light tan or white gloves/mittens. Thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Animal paws are easy to make with regular white mittens and a bit of pink felt. You will need:

-1 pair of white mittens (they’ll keep your little one’s hands much warmer than gloves)
-a couple pieces of pink felt (can be purchased at any craft store)
-a cloth pencil or something else to draw on the felt (you can get fading ink markers at the craft store)
-a round pill bottle and a quarter
-a hot glue gun (you can also get these at any craft store if you don’t have one–they’re super useful!)

How to do it:
Put the top of the pill bottle on the felt and trace around it for the foot pad. Take the quarter and trace four more circles for the toes. Cut them out with your scissors. Heat up the glue gun and glue the pink felt to the mittens in a paw design. Voila! Animal paws!

I did this last year on gloves for my own kitty costume and the results were pretty good. They held up to two different Halloween parties and kept my fingers warm when I was trapped at a bus station at 3am in the pouring rain. Doh!

Have lots of fun on Halloween!

Charles asks…

halloween costume i need total help!?

ok so i have this stuffed animal *blushes*
and im makeing her a halloween costume shes a cute lil piggy
and she oinks ^ ^
so wat could i make for her with mintish green with yellow specks baby soft yarn????

Halloween costume lion answers:

A hat?
Or, um… Like, a lizard costume or something? X]

Sandy asks…

im going to bea baby for halloween ????????need help ???????

im going to be a baby for halloween i was thinking i should wear my pajames, slippers, and bring a stuff animal..i will also make 2 ponytails is there anything else i can add to my costume

Halloween costume lion answers:

Clip a pacifier to your pajamas, at walmart in the party supply they have some pacifier that are bigger than norm, pink or blue.

David asks…

Which costume should I wear? Easy ten points?

I’m an 8th grade girl. I’m Chinese, so I have black hair and my skin is not pale. I’m only 5 ft tall and I’m skinny. I can’t decide what to be for Halloween.

My choices are:
A) *Firefighter- I just don’t like how the skirt is short, but I’ll wear something underneath if I choose this costume.

B) *A tribal girl- I don’t know…Maybe just tribal prints, some tribal makeup (Like those stripes on your cheeks), and feathers in my hair..I need help on this one! (:

C) Baby-pjs, pacifier, pigtails, stuffed animal. Not so crazy about this costume…

The ones with stars mean I like those the most! :)
Please no mean, rude, or silly answers! I will report them.
I don’t want to look boring like I’m just wearing the clothes I’d wear everyday. I don’t want to look too over the top either. I’m wearing this costume to school because our school requires us to wear a costume on that day.
Please choose one of the choices. I don’t want to be a hobo.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Since this costume is requried for school, you should probably tone it down a little. Maybe you could make the firefighter costume look a little less “flirty”. But if you don’t want to do that, I would go with the tribal girl theme. Since you’re chinese, I think this would be great for you!

William asks…

Would this be going too far?

Halloween will be coming up and because I’m unimaginative I usually go as a werewolf or some gnarly bloody monster thing. I built a werewolf costume that stands like a dog(arm stilts for posture, you walk like a bear)that’s considerably realistic. There’s a spoiled rotten girl from my school, is rude, crude, and gets away with everything. She has the bothersome habit of sneaking into me yard and killing my baby pumpkins on Halloween.(growing, not carved pumpkins) Our houses are close to eachother, her’s is surrounded by fencing. I was thinking of wearing the suit in wait, hide in the woods or something then run out at her(if it’s dark you’d swear a large animal, it really runs like a 4 legger)when she leaves her yard to kill my plants. To like…you know, chase her and be all ARARARARARARRRAR to scare her and prevent her from trashing anyone else’s yard. She’s not bright, couldn’t tell if the costume was fake even if I spoke when wearing it. Guaranteed to scare the crap out of her, but am I going to far? I don’t care about her, rather the chance of her overreacting and called the police. :|

Halloween costume lion answers:

I think it’s brilliant. As long as you don’t touch her, then the police shouldn’t be able to do anything.

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